Metal roofing contractors … Go for the gold!

Not only is 2010 an Olympic year when the best of the best are awarded gold medals in Vancouver, it’s also a year when being a Gold Level Metal Roofing Alliance contractor will mean more than ever.  In addition to the existing benefits, the Gold Level contractor members will now be sent immediate emails of consumer leads as soon as they are processed. 

In today’s world of real-time information access, contractors are more sophisticated than ever, with Smartphones and Wi-Fi the norm. Only a rare few go through a day without checking email and social media sites several times.

As a result, the MRA chose to enhance its program to provide contractors with nearly instant access to consumers who are looking for a metal roof. Currently, when a consumer fills out the MRA’s online Find-A-Contractor form, their information is sorted by zip code and added to a database Silver and Gold level member contractors must log in to access. 

While the sorting and database will still be in place, with our new system upgrade, Gold Level contractors won’t even have to download the targeted consumer leads — they’ll be delivered via email. Therefore, minutes after a homeowner fills out the online form expressing interest in metal roofing, an MRA gold contractor will be able to follow up and begin the next step in the sales process.

“We expect this program enhancement to have a huge impact for our Gold Level members,” says Tom Black, executive director of MRA. “This real-time information will allow smart contractors to strike while the iron is hot. Consumers will be impressed with the fast turnaround time that our new system will provide and contractors will have built-in reminders that new leads are waiting for follow-up.”

Quality leads
Our contractor members tell us the leads they receive via the Find-A-Contractor program are extremely valuable. By visiting the website, consumers have the ability to educate themselves about the product and are pre-sold on the benefits of metal roofing. In fact, our tracking research shows that 43 percent of those who use the Find-a-Contractor feature have a metal roof installed within one year.

This data shows that MRA leads are not “tire-kickers” — quite the opposite. These consumers have demonstrated their interest in metal roofing and have expressed a desire to hear from an MRA contractor. It would be hard to find a better-qualified consumer lead.

Smart contractors know they have to work hard to differentiate and sell their business to homeowners. “This is a competitive industry and I’m not about to pass up an opportunity to make my business stand out from the crowd by being a Gold Level MRA contractor,” says Frank Farmer, president of American Metal Roofs. “My sales team is already downloading MRA leads and following up — this new program will further enhance our ability to stay ahead of our competition. Our MRA membership is by far the smartest investment I make each year, with proven results.”

Program benefits
In addition to immediate access to interested consumers in their service areas, Gold Level MRA contractors also receive the following benefits for a minimal $2,500 investment:

• Preferential, highlighted listing on website (top of the list)

• Link to contractor’s website from nationally marketed MRA website

• Access to targeted consumer leads in up to five service areas via database and email

• Discounted purchase of installer training curriculum — $500 (valued at $1,000 for non-MRA members)

• Free access to first 20 training seminars on MRA Online University, discounts for additional

• Marketing/sales

• CRM training

• Learning management system

• Online courses

• Free Customized Local Contractor Marketing Kit (reach up to 50,000 consumers)

• License to use MRA developed marketing materials

• Contractor Toolbox

• Discounted estimating software available through Applicad

The Metal Roofing Alliance has been working for 10 years to raise consumer awareness of residential metal roofing. Since the effort began, the market has doubled in size and is expected to keep growing. Our national marketing program generates thousands of consumer leads each year through our website:

If your metal roofing supplier isn’t a member of MRA, please encourage them to join. Let them know you want leads in your area and all the benefits of membership.

Learn more
For more information, please visit the contractor section of our website: or call MRA’s contractor team at 410 534-6900.

Bill Hippard is the president of the MRA and vice president of sales at Precoat Metals.

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