Metal Roofing: Top 10 Products of 2010

If this stuff doesn’t get you excited, nothing will.

This is the annual Top 10 Products list from Metal Roofing Magazine.

Every year, as a service to you, the readers, and to honor those innovative manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, we calculate a list of the Top 10 Products. We do this by researching to discover which products had the most reader responses. Many of these were new products introduced during the last year, while some are from the many product profiles we publish throughout the year.

So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Products of 2010 as determined by the readers of Metal Roofing Magazine. If you missed them during 2010, here’s your chance to obtain information on the products your competitors were researching last year.

There may be something here to make 2011 a great year for you and your business.

Active Ventilation Products
The Aura Solar Fan, which made its debut in the idea book in 2010, is a solar attic fan that uses both solar and wind power for optimum ventilation performance, just like a roof turbine ventilator, but with no moving parts. This combination ensures the highest possible performance both day and night in one solar roof fan. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, windy or calm, the ASF exhausts air in all conditions. This superior performance lowers attic temperatures resulting in energy savings.

Edco Products
Edco introduced two panels to its ArrowLine roofing product line in 2009 and they again drew heavy interest in the August-September issue. The two panels are based on Edco’s original ArrowLine Shake and Slate panels. Edco takes the shake or slate panel and then enhances the panel with lighter and darker tones that complement the base color. This process creates a natural blended look that has more curb appeal than solid color panels. ArrowLine Enhanced Shake is available in four blended colors while the ArrowLine Enhanced Slate comes in three blended colors.

An Englert standing seam metal roof provides the critical platform for the SunNet, thin film photovoltaic modules and laminates that help consumers supplement their energy needs for residential and commercial facilities with renewable solar energy. SunNet Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems, introduced in last year’s February-March issue, capture energy from the sun and convert it to electricity throughout the day generating in many cases all of the necessary energy a home or building requires. The photovoltaic laminate is manufactured of a flexible, extremely lightweight and unbreakable, self-adhesive material that is less than a quarter-inch thick and is easily attached to the standing seam roof panels either before or after roof installation. An Englert metal roof is ideal because of the uniformity and stability of its surface and the ability to paint metal to custom colors to match the laminates. SunNet comes in a variety of product configurations with power ratings from 68W to 136W

Firestone Building Products
Clad-Gard premium metal roofing underlayment, a new product presented in the August-September issue, provides an ideal moisture barrier between the roof deck and the adjacent metal system. Providing a skid-resistant surface, nail re-sealability, high-temperature resistance, corrosion protection, weatherproofing during installation and more, Clad-Gard is a smart way to protect any metal roofing investment. The newly released underlayment is available in two forms — Clad-Gard SA, a self-adhered, non-reinforced, rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane, and Clad-Gard MA, a mechanically attached synthetic roofing membrane ideal for use in slopes steeper than 5:12. Clad-Gard SA is water and fire resistant and can be applied directly to Firestone ISO 95+TM GL, Firestone Isogard HD, Firestone Resista Polyiso, Firestone HailGard Composite, OSB and plywood substrates.

Level-Rite Ladder Safety Tools
A Quick-Release Ladder Anchor by Level-Rite Ladder Safety Tools is easily secured to an upper rung of a ladder to suspend it from the roof pitch for safer climbing. Introduced as a new product in the 2010 October-November issue, it stores within the profile of the ladder or quickly detaches for use on a ladder at the next jobsite.




A part of the underlayment product profile in the August-September issue, Enkamat 7010, by Colbond, is the green choice for ballasted and metal roofing applications. Consisting of continuous nylon filaments fused at their intersections, Enkamat provides excellent durability and is easy to install. The unique filament structure reduces roof noise from rain or sleet up to 21 dB. Enkamat’s recycled nylon material serves as a thermal break, creating a temperature difference of up to 22 degrees between the roof surface and the sheathing or substrate.



Met-Tile tile facsimile roofing is a cool roof system in 10 designer colors that meet or exceed Energy Star requirements. It combines the popular look of Spanish tile with the light weight and sustainability of metal, making it ideal for new construction or re-roofing. Panels are 26-gauge zinc-aluminum alloy coated steel with a textured, stucco-like finish for more authentic appearance. Met-Tile, featured in the June-July annual metal shingle issue, carries a 230-plus mph wind rating for maximum hurricane protection.


Rare Manufacturing
Ironstone Slate is Rare’s latest creation, introduced in the June-July issue. Rare designed this profile to emulate the look of tradition old world slate. This lightweight steel panel is approximately 4 feet by 1 foot and interlocks together from eave to ridge, just like Rare’s Ironwood Shake panel. The custom designed ridge-capping interlocks along the ridge as well so the result is little or no exposed fasteners on your roof. This new profile comes in a variety of Energy Star qualified colors and is made from the same durable steel substrate as the rest of Rare’s enduring product line.

Schott Solar
Schott Solar, part of the product profile in the February-March issue, has 51 years of experience within the solar industry and is one of today’s global cutting-edge manufacturers, uniting photovoltaic competence and know-how in receiver technology for solar power plants in one hand.

Swenson Shear
The Valley Hemmer, a new product listing in the April-May issue, provides users the ability to easily hem concealed-fastener panels at any angle as a part of the Snap Table Product Line. The unique rolling system of the Valley Hemmer allows for the hemming of eaves and valleys in one quick motion with no further crimping required. The innovative tool eliminates scratching, denting and bulging of the panel often associated with the use of hand-held bending tools. The hemming process is sped up and simplified while the overall hem quality is dramatically improved from traditional hemming techniques. The Valley Hemmer is now standard at the end of the ST7000 and ST8000 Snap Table models and is available as a standalone unit.

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