Metal Sales partners with AppliCad

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation, a nationwide provider of metal panels for the building and construction industry, partnered with AppliCad, a technical software applications development and marketing company based in Melbourne, Australia. The partnership will allow Metal Sales to marry its high-profile product with AppliCad’s world-class software, which provides industry-specific functionality to improve the accuracy and productivity of metal roofing, tile and wall cladding projects.

AppliCad runs simulations of metal building applications in 3D CAD models and provides quotations based on those simulations. Each model is built from an architect’s design, with 70-80 percent of projects for re-roofing. AppliCad is an international leader for management of the quoting process.

AppliCad has been exporting its software around the world for more than 16 years, with the U.S. being one of the first markets.

“Working with Metal Sales brings great opportunity to our organization,” says Ray Smith, managing director of AppliCad.  “Their status as a high-profile player in the metal industry and as a provider of some of the most elegant solutions for the metal roofing sector will help us to consolidate our position in the American marketplace.”

The partnership brings the unique potential for total integration of AppliCad into Metal Sales business systems. AppliCad invented the process of modeling roof geometry in 3D and simulating the application of roof material. This will vastly improve the accuracy and productivity of the estimating team, reduce material waste and create total integration with Metal Sales’ production processes.

“We’ve always been easy to work with, and we pride ourselves on offering the very best customer service in the industry,” says Steve Letnich, vice president of sales and marketing for Metal Sales. “Our partnership with AppliCad just furthers this fact. It makes us even stronger in delivering our product efficiently and effectively to architects.  This enterprise-wide implementation is about perfecting our processes so that our clients receive the very best service and value possible.”

With the increasing popularity and virtually limitless applications of metal roofing, Metal Sales and AppliCad are looking forward to a bright future together; combining their talents and experience to offer the most comprehensive metal building services available.

“Our partnership with Metal Sales has already been very valuable for our business,” says Smith.  “They have helped us leverage our product, which is unique to their industry and our credibility in the sector continues to strengthen.”

Headquartered in Louisville, Ky., and operating 20 facilities throughout the U.S., Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation produces roof, wall and fascia metal panels for architectural, commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential building projects. Metal Sales has outreach around the world, delivering outstanding quality and the finest customer service from highly-trained professionals and the largest sales force in the industry.  For more information, visit

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