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METALCON International 2010 marks 20 years as the catalyst helping professionals worldwide arrive at solutions to create the structures of our future. You’ll see the newest advancements in metal, revolutionary new products and a significant focus on solar energy efficiency. You’ll experience what can only be seen, heard and integrated at the nation’s single event for delivering education and innovation to metal roofing and building professionals — METALCON International 2010.

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Focus: Exhibits
Step onto the exhibit floor and immerse yourself in a world of the newest metal industry products and technology. More than 300 companies from around the world housed in 800 booths offer every product available to help you build better, greener, smarter and more efficiently. It’s all there for you — metal roofing, metal wall panels, metal building systems and more. You’ll see fasteners, snow guards, gutters, insulation, paint and coatings. Put your hands on roll formers, benders, press brakes and material handling systems. Wrap your mind around the newest solar and energy efficient products. When it comes to events, the METALCON exhibit floor indisputably has the best and the brightest the metal industry has to offer.

Always on the leading edge, METALCON features the New Product Harbor. In one stop, browse and learn about the newest products in the market. When you think about metal industry innovations there’s simply no place that compares.

The latest field techniques are demonstrated by industry experts in daily MCA Speed Demonstrations. Get up-to-date on the ever-changing world of commercial and residential roofing, wall panels and tool techniques. Learn new tips from the people who work with metal every day.

It’s a given that metal is sustainable and the next logical step is METALCON’s Green Island. The pavilion focuses on companies dedicated to emerging technologies that take green a step further. Talk it up with Green Island exhibitors. Find out how to meet green building standards, what tax incentives are available and see metal-related innovations that make yesterday’s products pale by comparison.
The durability and longevity qualities of metal roof and wall systems are a logical, cost effective and compatible platform for solar applications. As metal industry innovators continue to develop technologies that harness the sun’s power, the market expands. METALCON meets the emerging demand head-on via Solar Bay, a highlight area featuring solar products, technologies and information on solar tax incentives, grants and rebates.  

Focus: Education
Knowledge is power. Your best protection against any economic condition is education — it’s something no one can ever take from you. True to its cutting edge reputation, more than 50 percent of the 33 METALCON seminars are new topics. Be it learning about design and specification, code navigation, installation techniques or management style, you’ll get the best education from the leading industry change-agents, bar none. Ramp up, take control of your business and take part in a seminar. Listen, learn and absorb information on environmental retrofit, business management and marketing. Whatever seminars you choose to attend — you’ll have the tools to boost your business.

Get ready for a huge dose of inspiration as you listen to former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales deliver METALCON’s Keynote address — “The American Dream — Reach It, Build It, Share It.” Our American Dream is alive and well. It’s empowering, exciting and available to all who want to pursue it despite where they come from or their circumstances. Take part in this complimentary keynote and capture the spirit that continues to make America the greatest nation on earth.

Focus: Connections
Any way you slice it, business is about connections. “What” you buy is equally as important as “who” you buy it from. METALCON fast forwards your connections. It brings industry power brokers together and the six degrees of separation vanishes. It puts meeting that all important influential contact within your reach. Front and center, real time, face-to-face.

It’s the connection that puts you on solid footing, gives you a new direction and breathes new life into business.
METALCON is sponsored by the Metal Construction Association, promoting the use of metal in the building envelope through marketing, education and action on public policies that affect metal’s use. METALCON serves the following:

• Producers of metal roofing, wall panels, insulated panels, metal building systems, hardware and accessories

• Fabricators, primary metal producers, coatings manufacturers, coil coaters and chemical suppliers

• Contractors, consultants, designers, trade publications and allied industry associations.

For more information, visit MCA’s booth 537 or

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