MetalTech-USA rolls out corrugated panel

MetalTech-USA has announced their latest new product offering, a 7/8-inch sinusoidal corrugated metal panel. The sinusoidal profile is ideal for use in roofs, facades, small buildings, and as design accents for larger commercial buildings. The corrugated metal panels are available in zinc, copper, stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel and more.
Easy to install and maintain, MetalTech-USA’s corrugated panels are a ventilated curtain screen wall system. Traditional fastening calls for exposed fastening directly through the panel surface using appropriate screws with sealing washers or riveting.
Corrugated panels are used for their design characteristic of an exchange of light and shadow creating an impression of strength. With unlimited perforation possibilities, MetalTech-USA’s corrugated perforated panels fill a niche as screen panels allowing for various amounts of light penetration. Panels can be installed both vertically and horizontally, making MetalTech-USA’s corrugated panel one of the most versatile and cost-efficient cladding systems in the market today.
“The 7/8-inch corrugated sinusoidal panel has a wide range of uses,” says Nils Simonsen, CEO of MetalTech-USA. “We have the capability to deliver a broad range of design options in this popular corrugated metal profile to architects and contractors.”
The new 7/8-inch corrugated sinusoidal panels joins MetalTech-USA’s other products and services including: rainwater goods, metal sheets and coils, accessories, tools, pre-fabricated metal panels for facades and roofs, rapid prototyping and installer training.
About MetalTech-USA
Metal Tech-USA is a premier distributor and fabricator of environmentally friendly architectural metals. In partnership with RHEINZINK America, Allegheny Ludlum and Revere Copper and others. MetalTech-USA is working to promote the sustainable use of metals in architecture. For more information, visit, or call 770-486-8825.

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