MR October/November 2013

Metal Roofing Magazine - Oct/Nov 2013 CoverThe October/November 2013 Issue of Metal Roofing Magazine looks at bare metal roofs.

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Classic look of bare metal

– By Mark Ward Sr. –  Natural beauty comes forth in zinc, copper, others. – Seamless gutters became popular 50 years ago when chemists finally developed flexible vinyl paints that could be applied to aluminum and then rolled and stamped right along with the underlying metal. Yet unpainted gutters — primarily those made of...


It’s unpainted: Installing bare metal roofs

– By Jim Austin, senior editor – Options vary from some of the oldest products to new and innovative materials Bare metal roofs … they have nothing to hide. Boasting unmatched longevity and durability as well as an attractive, clean look. Copper, zinc, stainless steel, Galvalume or any other unpainted metal roofing material all...

Dick Bus, ATAS, is 2013 Metal Roofing Hall of Fame inductee

Dick Bus … once a young pioneer … now an industry veteran & leader Some people work their way into our industry. Dick Bus was born into it and he lives it every day. And usually, he’s smiling. If there is a Metal Construction Association event or a Metal Roofing Alliance Meeting, you’re going...

Holy bat video! Istueta Roofing runs into bat colony

You never know what you’re going to run into when you tear off an old roof. Istueta Roofing was tearing off an old clay tile residential roof in south Florida with the intent of replacing it with a Galvalume standing seam roof. When you watch the video Istueta Roofing posted on YouTube, it’s difficult...

ATAS International

Metal vs. Mother Nature: Wind-driven rain

– By Jim Austin – Manufacturers place a heavy emphasis on proper installation to prevent water infiltration even during the worst storms Metal roofing stands up to the forces of nature as well as or better than any type of roofing material and you should know how to sell that benefit to your customers....