MRA Success Story: Sales and expert support

Not every roofer is cut out to be a salesman. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be doing much installing — or make much money — if you’re not selling anything.

Advanced Metal RoofingDo you ever feel like you could use some sales help? Are you willing to pay a few hundred dollars a year? For contractor members, the Metal Roofing Alliance has rejuvenated its website, providing homeowners with all they need to know about the benefits of purchasing a metal roof. On the site, these now well-educated customers are offered the opportunity to get more information and possibly an estimate, directly from an MRA contractor member in their area.

“By then, a lot of the sales work is done,” says Matt Musgrove of Advanced Metal Roofing in Wilmington, N.C. “We don’t get a lot of leads, but they’re very qualified leads. Those are people who’ve done the research and they’re comfortable with the idea of installing a metal roof. Whether we get the job or not, they’re buying a metal roof. They’re usually asking to do something in the next couple weeks, these are not tire kicker type of leads.”

Advanced Metal RoofingMusgrove says MRA leads have generated more than $500,000 in business for Advanced Metal Roofing during the last three years.

MRA leads that come to Advanced are all handled the same way, by a marketing arm that also produces television and Yellow Pages advertising for the company. “We send off a nice email to the prospective customer, explaining a little about our company,” Musgrove says. “They’re generally sold on metal and they’re looking for someone they’re comfortable working with.”

Advanced Metal Roofing offers a standing seam profile, but focuses on installing exposed fastener panels, providing 36 inches of coverage. All panels are coated with a PVDF finish.
“It’s a cost-effective solution,” Musgrove says. “It’s the better choice for someone in a high velocity wind zone. Those (standing) seams catch a lot of wind.

“And if someone wants metal shingles, we refer them back to the MRA website. I have no problems at all doing that. There’s a lot of information there.”

Musgrove says on occasion, a customer will question an installing technique or detail. He sends them to the MRA site as well, to consult one of the manufacturers answering questions in the “Ask the Experts” section. Customers appreciate a reliable source to find these answers — for free.

This project in Emerald Isle, N.C., was the result of an MRA lead. “The customers live in Virginia and this is their vacation home by the water,” Musgrove says. “We used stainless steel screws and all cut edges are coated. The MRA delivered this cash customer to us at a time when financing was getting difficult to secure for customers.”

Advanced installed 26-gauge Galvalume panels in Battleship Gray on the summer home. Musgrove says Advanced developed all its own details and uses 26-gauge Galvalume for all trim.

“With the work we’ve gotten from MRA leads, we’ve very easily covered the cost of membership,” Musgrove says.

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