MRA unveils new marketing/sales plan for remodeling industry


Belfair, WA (PRWEB) – The Metal Roofing Alliance announces the unveiling of their brand new marketing and sales plan for investment grade designer metal roofing for residential properties.

Tom Black, the Executive Director of the Metal Roofing Alliance said, “The completion of the development for advertising and selling of residential investment grade roofing has been a major step for the Alliance and constitutes an investment for the immediate future.” All components of the project will be unveiled on October 15th at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Schaumburg, Illinois. Among the features of the conference will be a live presentation of the entire program to industry leaders, manufacturers and retailers by Dave Yoho Associates. In addition, Tom Black stated, “We will introduce a number of the successful companies who are already using the methodology on a pilot basis. The acceptance of this new program and the success of those now using it has been gratifying, while exceeding our expectations.” The conference will also include a presentation by Mr. Frank Farmer, President of American Metal Roofs, as well as a film which describes the successes of marketing metal roofing by Mr. Farmer’s company.


Dave Yoho, President of Dave Yoho Associates, stated, “Frank Farmer is truly the poster boy for utilizing the most modern techniques in selling and installing investment grade designer metal roofing. His company maintains an enviable reputation by producing educational material and effectively utilizing an inspection system to detect efficiency issues which may be missing or in default. All this while maintaining outstanding customer satisfaction. One of the problems facing homeowners is the failure of contractors to detect ventilation issues, which in turn create humidity and moisture problems often misjudged as roof leaking. Our company is pleased to have been given an opportunity to create a program to aid homeowners in understanding their needs while providing abundant information on energy and efficiency loss prevention (H.E.L.P.™)”. Dave Yoho went on to state, “There is no question that Frank Farmer is producing a product and a service which benefits homeowners in his market and creates a benchmark for others coming into the business throughout the U.S. and Canada”.


In addition to presenting at the Metal Roofing Alliance conference, Frank Farmer will also appear as a panelist on a program entitled The Sales & Marketing Executive Symposium which takes place at the same hotel on October 16th and 17th. He has been invited to share his techniques with others who manufacture, distribute, and sell these products and similar ones in various markets throughout the United States.

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