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The secret to success during an economic downturn is trying to stay ahead of the curve. When companies think creatively and make decisions based on solid information and look at forecast reports with a discerning eye, things have a tendency to work out. The Metal Roofing Alliance has been very creative this year, doing more with less.

The MRA budget was pared down extensively for 2009. We were faced with the possibility of pulling all advertising and cutting the Internet marketing budget. We scaled back in a number of areas but we still were able to run television advertising in both the Spring and Fall and continued with our Internet marketing strategy as well as our ongoing public relations efforts.

In down economic times, many organizations have a tendency to pull up their marketing and advertising tent stakes and cross their fingers that when things return to “normal” they will come out OK on the other side. Abandoning media strategies that work, but cost money, is too often the knee-jerk reaction many organizations and associations rely on with little success. MRA manufacturers have continued promoting and advertising even in this tough economy.

The following MRA manufacturers are driving the residential metal roof market for the entire industry. Contractors should support these manufacturers by buying and installing their roofing products and coil:

ATAS International, Inc.

Central States Manufacturing

Classic Products/Kassel & Irons

Delta Building Products – Interlock/ Future Roof

Edco Products- Arrowline Roofing

Englert, Inc.


Follansbee Steel

Gerard Roofing Technologies/ Allmet Roofing

Ideal Roofing

MBCI/American Building Components

McElroy Metals   

Metal Sales Manufacturing

Metro Roof Products

Petersen Aluminum Corporation

Rare Manufacturing

The MRA ran its ‘Realtor’ television spot this Spring and again this Fall. During the Spring flight, we saw our Homeowners Leads almost double the weeks the commercial was airing. Our Fall flight saw similar success. From the week of August 10 through the week of October 26, the MRA website generated 3,124 homeowner leads. This increase represents a more than 70 percent increase over the previous week when we were not advertising.

While the auto industry and new home construction have struggled during the economic downturn, residential metal roofing continues to be a strong investment. It is important to note that the MRA has always focused on the re-roof market, not new construction. This strategy continues to work well for the MRA and its members.

On another positive note, a new economic report from the U.S. Commerce Department states that U.S. factory orders rebounded in September. The report is the latest to suggest that U.S. manufacturing activity is feeding an economic recovery. One factor driving the rebound in new orders is a drop in factory inventories, which has prompted many companies to rebuild stockpiles. This is clearly a very good sign for our industry.

Our manufacturer members are to be thanked and congratulated for their continued commitment to our organization. The MRA is committed to educating home-owners and contractors on the importance of buying quality residential metal roofing products. We are also educating consumers on the importance of hiring not just any contractor but a home performance contractor who is dedicated to installing only quality products and installing them correctly.

Higher energy prices and greater environmental awareness are increasing the demand for green remodeling projects. Combined with the current tax credit, the future of the residential metal roofing market looks bright.

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The MRA is a coalition of metal roofing manufacturers, paint suppliers and coaters, dealers, metal producers, associations and related companies. The MRA has been building brand awareness for residential metal roofing for the last decade. Clean energy and sustainable building are the future.

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Bill Hippard is the president of the MRAand vice president of sales at Precoat Metals.

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