MRA leads: They’re not ‘tire kickers’

The Metal Roofing Alliance has been delivering leads to our member contractors for more than a decade. During this time, our process for reaching out to consumers and qualifying the leads has been refined and adjusted considerably. As a result, the homeowners who request more information from an MRA member contractor are now arguably the best leads anyone could hope to find.

Survey proves value of leads
Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the following just-released data from MRA’s biannual survey of consumers who filled out the Find-A-Contractor form at our website,

— 45 percent of the respondents have installed a roof (any type material) in the past two years

— More than 80 percent of those installed metal

— Of those who have not installed a roof, 52 percent plan to in the next year

— Nearly 90 percent of those who have not installed a roof yet are still considering metal.

These results clearly demonstrate MRA leads are definitely not “tire kickers” who are indecisive about purchasing, always looking for more information. In fact, quite the opposite is true — MRA leads represent engaged, interested consumers who are serious about making an informed roofing choice. A key take away from this survey is: people who visit the MRA site are highly likely to install metal roofing. And, MRA’s outreach program is very effective at bringing them to the table.

Our marketing team works hard to design messages and choose media outlets that attract the most targeted audiences, who are interested in metal roofing. For example, our current TV campaign features ads on networks such as HGTV, A&E, CNN, Food Network and the History Channel. We know a high percentage of our targeted homeowners watch these networks.

Not yet purchased, still in the market
Another significant survey result is that even those consumers who had not yet purchased a roof are still viable leads. In fact, of those who have not installed, 52 percent plan to install in the next 12 months. This represents a dramatic increase from 20 percent in the last research study — a sign the market is likely to pick up.

In addition, while most of the consumers in the survey have decided on the material for their new roof, more than 80 percent have yet to choose their contractor. These are prime prospects for our contractors. Especially in this competitive marketplace, we encourage all of our members to keep following up on MRA leads. Even after 12-24 months, consumers may still be very much in the market for a metal roof. Just like in baseball, persistence and follow-through are the keys to success.

Satisfied customers
The final portion of survey results make me personally very proud of our Metal Roofing Alliance organization. The customers who responded are overwhelmingly satisfied with the decisions they made after visiting our website — 88 percent are happy with their metal roof, 85 percent were pleased with the service provided by their contractor and 93 percent would recommend metal roofing to a friend. We must be doing something right!

If you want to join us, and receive these highly qualified leads, please visit or ask your manufacturer for more information.

Learn more
For more information, please visit the contractor section of our website: or call MRA’s contractor team at 410 534-6900. MR

Bill Hippard is the president of the MRA and vice president of sales at Precoat Metals.

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