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For the past decade, the Metal Roofing Alliance has played a critical role in helping to grow and maintain the residential metal roofing market. Industry experts predict metal will see the fastest growth in the U.S. through 2010. While the MRA will continue to build consumer interest in metal, it also needs to be equipped to meet this growing demand by identifying qualified metal roofing contractors.
Choosing a new roof is a big investment and today’s homeowners are much more likely to do extensive research before making a major purchase than in the past. Gone are the days of showing up at the kitchen table and introducing your product line for the first time. Just like they search online for the best car, stereo or vacation spot, consumers also look to the web for home improvement information.
The MRA launched the Find-A-Contractor program to assist consumers in the search for a metal roof. The MRA website, offers a free online service that enables homeowners to find a contractor in their immediate area with just a few clicks of the mouse. The Find-A-Contractor program puts interested consumers in touch with metal roofing contractors and provides contractors with the names and email addresses of targeted leads.
To date, we’ve had many strong contractors join the MRA and they’ve shown tremendous growth in terms of installed squares and overall sales. While these dedicated contractor members are a great start, we recognize that we’re far from being able to fully meet the growing needs of consumers with a national network of MRA contractors.
As the market for investment grade roofing is expected to continue to rise, one of the MRA’s top priorities is to identify and sign up additional qualified contractor members to meet this demand. We’ve recently created an enhanced contractor program, which is tailored to roofing contractors’ needs. The new program will launch July 1 with three tiered levels of membership: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
The MRA has changed the contractor membership levels to provide additional value for all of its members. By introducing new membership levels, the MRA has been able to develop new programs and materials it feels contractor members will find beneficial. For example, as part of the new level program, MRA is offering discounts on training programs, marketing segmentation kits and the opportunity to receive preferential listing on the MRA website.
It’s important to note these changes will not affect current MRA contractor members, who will be able to continue under their existing arrangement until their membership renewal period. They will continue to receive leads and have access to all benefits. When a current MRA contractors’ membership is due to be renewed, we’ll request they choose a membership in the new program.
Once the new program launches, contractor members will be given the opportunity to change their membership level immediately or at any time throughout their subscription; however, they will not be able to do this online. To make changes, contractors should call the MRA hotline at 410-534-6900 or email

Bill Hippard is the president of the Metal Roofing Alliance and vice president for sales at Precoat Metals.

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