New products: Estimating metal roofing on a complex roof

EASY AS 1-2-3 to estimate metal roofing on a complex roof!

1. Order an aerial roof report from a provider using the address of the project.

2. Open the report in Roofing Manager – in 1 second! All panels, trims, etc. are already laid in on your Roofing Manager drawing.

3. Run your estimate using your prices, labor cost, etc. that are already loaded in Roofing Manager.

BizPortz roofing manager

That’s it. You’re done. Quote the project to your prospective customer and move on to the next job because you only spent 5 minutes on this one even though it had 27 roof sections of differing pitches…

And incredibly, this Roofing Manager report costs as little as $10 per roof!

Roofing Manager logoRoofing Manager also allows you to freehand draw any roof and comes loaded with lots of shortcut tools to make the drawing process easier along with a comprehensive help file and tutorial videos.

See video . . .

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