New Products: web special on Polyprene Repair Cement

TOPPS Products is offering a introductory web special on its high-performance leak repair cement. The offer for a sample of Polyprene is available to contractors only until November 1, 2012.

The Multi-Purpose, Multi-Surface Cement That Does It All!

Topps ProductsHigh-Performance Leak Repair Cement voted #1 by contractors. New and improved with special wet surface adhesives for emergency all-weather repair to metal. Use for general reinforcement and repairs to flashings around equipment, vent pipes, chimneys, sign holders, etc., as well as anywhere two dissimilar or similar materials meet. Excellent for crack repair and in gaps. It expands and contracts with the movement of building materials and stays watertight. Now available in easier-to-handle 3 gallon pails and tubes.

Polyprene® will be your most dependable go-to repair product with permanent strength and dependability! It’s durable, resilient and economical. It arrives pre-mixed and ready to use. (Specify EPDM/PVC for those roof types.)

  • Ultimate Elongation: 850%
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength: 600 psi min.
  • Water Vapor permeability: 0.25 perms

TOPPS ProductsIntroductory web-special OFFER EXPIRES NOVEMBER 1, 2012
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