New products: The Holey Moley gutter cover

Diamond Back Gutter Covers from Gutter Covers of Indiana

Diamond Back Gutter Covers, inventors of the patented “Z” bend profile, has come up with another GREAT idea for the gutter cover industry: “Holey Moley”. Holey Moley is a Holey Moley gutter coverperforated gutter cover that out-performs all the others.

Over 100 hours of research found that recessed perforated gutter covers hold too much debris and cause contractors HUGE service issues with their customers. The Holey Moley:

– Is NOT a recess product so it will shed debris better!

– Has more holes to handle more water

– Uses “Wave” technology to force water through the product faster

– Is a self-cleaning product – unlike perforated gutter covers

Diamond Back is one of the fastest growing gutter cover companies with one of the highest retention rates in the industry. That means after you try it once, you’re likely to re-order more!

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