New Englert color replicates solar laminates

Englert Environmental unveiled its new SunNet Blue standing seam panel and flat sheet coating, designed to match the color of its SunNet Building Integrated Photovoltaics, a standing seam roofing technology that delivers solar-generated electricity.

When the self adhering, photovoltaic laminate is installed on the standing seam panel, about 16 inches of the panel remains exposed at the eave of a sloped roof. Consequently, laminate may be visible from ground level, particularly when used with lighter standing seam panel colors. Laminates are made from dark material to maximize performance.

The new SunNet standing seam panel matches the color of the SunNet photovoltaic laminates so that the PV material is indistinguishable from the standing seam to which it has been adhered. As a result, the new SunNet Blue panel and its laminates allow residential and commercial structures to retain the elegant, uninterrupted architectural lines of standing seam while producing all the energy needed to provide electricity to the building. With power ratings ranging from 68W and 144W, the laminates are made from virtually unbreakable material that can be easily applied to a panel of standing seam metal. Electricity generated by the laminates may even be fed back through the electrical meter into the power grid, producing an income source for the building owner.

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