New enhancement for metal tile at METALCON

AppliCad has addressed the issue regarding the large format metal tiles and the coursing method used for calculating the number of tiles required.  In essence the problem was that, by default, a number of detailed calculations were happening within the code unknown to the user and without the user’s control. These options have now been pulled out to allow the user to decide what to do with them.  Specifically, the items are:

—— The addition of extra tiles per intersection of each coursing line with a Hip line.

—— The subtraction of extra tiles per intersection of each coursing line with a Valley line.

In addition to this and to assist the user understand what the software is doing and when, the software now draws vertical course intersection lines indicating where tiles would be placed along the coursing lines.  These lines are only displayed temporarily but allow the user to visualize the placement of the tiles on the roof.  Furthermore, the software now displays on each roof plane, the number of tiles that the software has calculated for that plane, to also assist with the identification of what the software is doing

These new options will allow users to quantify wide-format metal tiles such as Metrotile or Metalcraft even more precisely.

As used at and and

The displayed results will also be a bonus to regular clay and concrete tile estimators. If you think this will be of interest to you, then contact the sales team in your area to get details of the download. This will not be shipped as a general update because it is so specific.

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