New Products December 2008

Reciprocating saw
The M12 Hackzall reciprocating saw is a compact lightweight saw designed for powerful, versatile cutting in tight spaces for virtually all tradesman. Featuring a 12V Lithium-Ion battery, the Hackzall delivers a 1/2-inch stroke 3,000 times per minute for a smooth yet aggressive cut and utilizes a keyless Quik-Lok blade clamp to ensure quick and easy blade changes. The lightweight design offers less user fatigue as well as one-handed operation. Compact design makes it easier for users to access tight spaces or awkward angles. The Hackzall features a variable speed trigger that provides increased user control and all-metal gear case and gears that live up to the company’s legendary durability. Additional features include a built-in LED light and battery fuel gauge that displays the remaining run-time.
Milwaukee Electric

Roofing profile
The FF150 1-1/2-inch (38.1 mm) fastener flange profile is a snap seam profile with a slotted fastener flange for clipless installation. The FF150 panel profile is available for the New Tech Machinery SSQ, SSP, SSH and SSR panel machines. The panel profile uses the male side rollers of the existing FF100 1-inch (25.4 mm) fastener flange profile. This means customers with an existing FF100 panel profile will only need to purchase the FF150 right side in order to produce either panel.
New Tech Machinery

ENBase is a rigid roof insulation composite panel composed of a closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded to oriented strand board. Offering a superior combination of high insulating properties and a nailable surface, ENBase is free of ozone depleting properties and chlorofluorocarbons. ENBase also eliminates excessive water migration that may damage the roofing system and cause unwanted condensation build up. Available in various sizes and thicknesses, ENBase can be used with various roofing systems, including standing-seam metal roofs. ENBase is suitable for new construction and re-roofing projects on both commercial and residential applications. With enhanced strength and environmental efficiency, ENBase provides superior performance and durability for virtually any steep-slope roofing system.
Carlisle Residential

Pipe flashing
The Multi-Flash pipe flashing is “two flashings in one.” This design provides an easy split feature option, allowing usage for a standard over the top application or as a retrofit. As with all of the company’s flashings this product is available in two compounds and 10 colors with standard 20-year warranty seal.

The Hi-Perf Truss Vent is ideal for conditions featuring exposed trusses. This unique system provides the specific ventilation needed for each individual project by allowing airflow in between the trusses. It is easy to install, reduces the need for field fabrication and is bug proof. This two-component system features a 24-gauge galvanized mounting strap and a .040-inch aluminum perforated closure. It is available in four finishes: Bone White, Dark Bronze, Sandstone and Mill Finish. It guarantees the required intake airflow at the eave to help prevent heat buildup and moisture accumulation under the roof covering, thereby increasing the life of the roof.  It is perfect for roof deck systems that utilize attic ventilation or other air space ventilation. The Hi-Perf Truss is engineered to meet the specific design requirements and truss spacing of each individual product.
Metal Era

Polystick MTS high temperature underlayment is able to withstand temperatures up to 265 degrees. Polystick MTS is a self-adhesive underlayment developed specifically for use under metal roof systems, as well as other heat-intensive roofing products such as clay and concrete tiles and dark-colored shingles. A homogenous, rubberized asphalt membrane with a glass-fiber reinforcement, Polystick MTS is a durable waterproofing underlayment that will not breakdown due to excessive temperatures. It’s ideal when considering environmentally friendly materials because of its self-adhesive application, no VOCs are emitted when used. Manufactured using Polyglass patented ADESO self-adhesive technology, Polystick MTS is comprised of a true polymer-modified asphalt compound on the top layer and an aggressive self-adhesive compound on the bottom layer. The self-adhesive characteristics of Polystick MTS helps speed up installations and allows contractors to reduce their labor costs, while easily installing a dependable underlayment for metal roof systems. It is available on 200-square-foot rolls for increased coverage and is packaged in the company’s patented EasyBox, which facilitates easy jobsite handling.
Polyglass USA

Standing seam clip
The Mitchell Clip, a two part clip patented by Jim Mitchell, is used to support standing seam metal roofing panels and can be used over metal decks, insulated decks or solid wood substrates. The articulating floating clip design assists minimizing oil canning, eliminates the need for bearing plates with ISO applications and achieves the best design pressures and wind uplifts in the industry. The clip allows installed panels to withstand heavier live loads and higher wind uplifts — when installed over purlins. It provides continuous lateral support. Unlike other clips, the top of the two piece continuous clip can be placed at predetermined locations to achieved whatever uplifts and live loads may be required.
Drexel Metals

Level Best2 is a 4-in-1 tool that levels, plumbs, squares and measures at the same time. The tool utilizes two opposing level bubbles and a perfect 90-degree angle, as well as a ruler to achieve its innovative combination. Level Best2 is made from high-impact polystyrene and injection molded to withstand all weather conditions. It’s available in three sizes: 16×24 inches, 12×12 inches and 6×6 inches.
SLK Development Group

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