New Products February 2009

Authentic Tools
The Versa Hemmer is a bending and hemming tool for the jobsite. The tool is easy to use on the jobsite with no special training needed. It bends and hems metal from 90 to 180 degrees and will bend 24-gauge galvanized painted metal .040-inch aluminum, copper and zinc. The tool has the company’s exclusive handle design for leverage and easy bending of metal and its exclusive propitiatory two tools in one design and made in the U.S.A.

The ChemCurb System line of penetration seals has undergone some improvements. E-Curbs are environmentally friendly (made with far less material than the original ChemCurbs) and economically and efficiently packaged and shipped, as they weigh far less than the original design. The E-Curb family now includes three sizes: 3-inch, 6-inch and 9-inch. All may be flashed, but don’t have to be, extending even farther the versatility of this popular system. All sizes come in handy kits that include curbs, 1-Part pourable sealer and M-1 structural adhesive/sealant.

Truck boxes/racks
The industrial grade truck boxes are built using a one-piece base that increases the over-all strength of the box. This one-piece design helps to prevent structural collapse of the box over time. These boxes are designed with a patented, fully foamed lid that provides a solid insulated core for added strength and rigidity. For increased security, each box has an enclosed locking mechanism to prevent bending or jamming of the locking system. Additionally, the dual lift struts automatically open the lid to a full 90 degrees providing users with easier access to tools and equipment. The heavy-duty industrial grade steel racks carry up to 1,800 pounds safely and securely through its exclusive heavy-duty SteelTruss load supports that connect the rail, cross and leg bars. Designed with two-inch square steel tubing, these racks are more robust, offering 20 percent more steel than traditional round tubing. For increased durability, the racks are equipped with double load bars that carry up to 40 percent more load than traditional single bars. A full-length bed rail increases the bed wall’s strength and capacity. The racks are secured by an innovative bracket support system, which optimizes the stability of the rack.

Ladder safety
Mt. Everest Safety Products, Inc.
The Ladder Lock, a versatile ladder-securing device, is a patented, portable extension ladder safety device that can easily secure a ladder to multiple surfaces. It is designed to help prevent extension ladder slide-offs, blow-offs and accidents. It meets OSHA standards for hands-free climbing and securing a ladder.

Safety post
JL Industries
The safety post with a curb-mount design is easily installed and stows inside the existing roof hatch curb. After the user opens the roof hatch, the 6-pound LP-6 safety post is raised with one hand and locked into an upright position. The user can climb from the ladder to the rooftop, using the post for a hand-hold. The post can be easily retracted and the roof hatch closed for safety, while the user is on the roof. The patent-pending LP-6 is designed for 36-inch or greater roof hatches and is constructed of heavy-duty, safety yellow painted steel.

Solar generator
S.O.S. Solar Systems
Spirit of the Sun (S.O.S.) Solar Systems manufactures state-of-the-art, highly mobile, custom, solar-powered electrical generators deployable within minutes, making electricity available in remote or commercial/residential areas. There are no moving parts thus eliminating noise and gas fumes. S.O.S. Solar Generators power remote hunting camps, construction sites or disaster relief triages.

Milwaukee Electric Tool
The line of 4-1/2-inch Small Angle Grinders feature the company’s advanced airflow system, including debris baffles and multi-port exhaust to provide built-in durability that extends tool life. Debris baffles are engineered L-shape intake vents that protect the motor and other components by deflecting debris particles out of the airflow before entering the grinder. Multi-Port Exhaust on all four sides of the gear case allow more hot air to escape, which helps cool the grinder and prevent motor burn-up. The company offers a full range of 4-1/2-inch small angle grinders with power ratings from 7amp (775MWO) to 10amp (1250MWO), allowing the user to purchase the right grinder for the application. These 4-1/2-inch Small Angle Grinders increase user productivity and include a tool-free adjustable guard and a soft grip 3-position side handle. The tool-free guard is also burst resistant — in the event of a wheel burst, positive detents hold the guard in place making it more secure and less likely to rotate. Left, right and top-side handle positions provide optimal control for any application.

Midwest Tool & Cutlery
The Offset Power Cutter (Model P6516) aviation snip makes faster and easier long cuts on corrugated metal roofing and siding. It features: 2-3/8-inch cut length, one-inch wide blade tip opening and offset blades that keep hands safely above the working surface. Hot drop-forged blades cut all the way to the blade tip. Made in USA.

Tool tracker
Dynamic Systems Inc.
Basic Tool Manager is a low cost tool manager based on bar code technology for contractors who want to reduce the loss of tools and save time tracking down tools for the jobs, but cannot afford the more complex systems available on the market today. The company provides bar code systems to the construction and manufacturing industries, including a tool management system, a maintenance scheduler, inventory control, time and attendance and job costing. Bar code data collection has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient method of tracking or counting items.

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