New Products from April-May Metal Roofing Magazine

Valley hemmer from
Swenson Shear
The Valley Hemmer provides users the ability to easily hem concealed-fastener panels at any angle as a part of the Snap Table Product Line. The unique rolling system of the Valley Hemmer allows for the hemming of eaves and valleys in one quick motion with no further crimping required. The innovative tool eliminates scratching, denting and bulging of the panel often associated with the use of hand-held bending tools. The hemming process is sped up and simplified while the overall hem quality is dramatically improved from traditional hemming techniques. The Valley Hemmer is now standard at the end of the ST7000 and ST8000 Snap Table models and is available as a standalone unit.

Panel color from
Coated Metals Group
Western Rust is offered as a 24-gauge PVDF roofing material, available in additional gauges and products by request, with minimums orders. Stock coil/sheets of the Cor-Ten alternative are available to ship from Madison, Wis., Indianapolis and Denver.

Underlayment from
Propex Operating Company
Opus Roof Blanket can be used in place of felt paper and plastic sheeting underlayment under all types of steep-slope roofing materials. Designed with the roofing contractor in mind, Opus is the very best in the industry for worker safety. Utilizing technology never before seen in roofing underlayment, Opus’s one-of-a-kind surface area makes it easy for roofers to snap a chalk line and write on, and its tan color keeps roofs cool on even the hottest days. The company says Opus is lightweight and easier to work with, cleaner with less wasted material, provides more coverage per roll and is faster to install.

Work gloves from
Wells Lamont
The Men’s Ultimate Work Glove is designed with washable leather to offer superior protection for heavy-duty work projects. It also introduces an OverWrap fingertip construction to reduce seam feel and prevent seems from wearing out. The Blister Armor Glove is made with new Liquicell technology, proven to prevent blisters and next-day soreness. A liquid-filled membrane is strategically placed over the top of the palm and thumb to reduce and eliminate friction, hot spots and hand fatigue. The Sweat Ban with DRI2O Glove technology address concerns hands are getting hot and uncomfortable after working long hours. The moisture management fabric wicks sweat and moisture away from the hand.

Roofing guardrail from
BlueWater Manufacturing
The SG Base utilizes S-5! Clamps and a selection of stanchions to create an architectural style guardrail system for standing seam roofs. The system provides a safe working environment for anybody required to access a roof area to perform installation, maintenance or repair jobs. The system, when installed per the installation instructions, exceeds OSHA fall protection requirements for guardrails. In addition, this system does not penetrate the roof panels.

Sealant from
Berger Building Products
FlashMate brushable sealant, in a convenient quart size can, is a professional grade brushable sealant used for flashing applications in all weather conditions and will not freeze. This sealant withstands water contact immediately to stop leaks while staying flexible and won’t crack. FlashMate brushable sealant is mildew resistant, paintable and prevents rust on any metal surface. This VOC compliant sealant is clear in color and comes packaged six, one-quart cans per carton.

Metal cutter from
The PlasmaCAM DHC2 CNC plasma cutting system enables cuts to any metal with precision, achieving detail not capable by hand. The machine consists of a rugged frame with an integral cutting grate, drive components with servo motors, a controller and high-tech Digital Height Control. The PlasmaCAM software includes CAD functions allowing operator to quickly draw or import shapes. The machine and software will cut pieces up to 4 X 20 feet. Cutting as fast as 1,000 inches per minute, giving a whole new level of production capability.

Fire-resistant sheathing from
LP Building Products
LP FlameBlock sheathing carries a Class A Flame Spread Rating and is ICC-certified (ESR-1365) for common roof and wall designs in multifamily and commercial buildings. It is ideal for use in applications where building codes require a flame spread rating or burn-through resistance rating — or where builders desire superior fire resistance in addition to all the benefits they typically expect from LP OSB sheathing, such as structural strength and impact resistance. LP FlameBlock sheathing contains no hazardous chemicals, making it environmentally friendly as well. LP FlameBlock sheathing is significantly lighter and easier to work with than exterior gypsum sheathing, and unlike pressure-impregnated, chemically treated fire resistant treated plywood, the structural integrity of LP OSB sheathing is not compromised during the treatment process. What’s more, LP FlameBlock sheathing is designed to withstand exposure to weather during ordinary construction delays.

Impact wrench from
The SSW18 18V 1/2-inch impact wrench from the PowerMasterSeries of 18-V lithium-ion cordless power tools provides a maximum torque of 1,947 inch-pounds. The SSW18 features three electronic speed ranges from 0 rpm to 1,600 rpm, 0 rpm to 2,150 rpm and 0 rpm to 2,650 rpm. The lightweight tool’s pistol-grip design and readily accessible trigger button make reaching the tightest spaces easy and less tiresome. Using guided air flow ducting, the company’s proven air-cooled charging technology cools the battery pack to a level temperature during charging. This increases productivity by shortening the charging process by 30 percent and sustains battery life by keeping the individual cells cooler during the charging process.

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