No big splash, but a definite aesthetic appeal to homeowners with a discerning eye

It was 2008 and Sal Cangialosi of United Gutter Service had been a gutter contractor for nearly 40 years.

The economy had slowed, homeowners were pulling in their horns on home improvement spending and Cangialosi began looking for new ways to maintain a profitable level of business on Long Island, New York where his company is located.


“ I remember thinking in an economy like this people are price conscious and gutter contractors everywhere are losing jobs because of price. I have to be different and set myself apart from the herd.”

Cangialosi had always sold the standard 5- and 6-inch gutters and screens and several years before had added the LeafGuard leaf protection system to his offerings.  He also offered screens. “Now I needed something new to keep my company from becoming stale. I needed something different that would separate me from the competition. “

Cangialosi began hunting around for something different and that difference was RainPro, a brand new gutter that not only looked different but cleared more water than the traditional five-inch K-style gutter most commonly available to homeowners.

“There were 5- and 6-inch conventional gutters, box gutters, round gutters, copper gutters — but all of them had been around for years,” he said. “What I first noticed was this gutter looked different.  Its creators had looked at a lot of today’s housing styles and come up with a visually appealing look more in line with today’s architecture. Right away you knew that would be a point of differentiation to the homeowners in my market. Second, it had the capacity of a 6-inch gutter to remove rainwater but its design and footprint made it look no bigger than a 5-inch gutter.  That was impressive from a functional standpoint.

“Suddenly the homeowners — both husbands and wives — had something to talk about whether they were involved in new construction or replacing worn out gutters. The very fact they had something to talk about gave me an edge over my competitors.”

“He also discovered he could make more from a RainPro gutter installed with a screen than he could from three comparable conventional gutter jobs.  As installations increased, Cangialosi had customers calling to tell him about benefits they were seeing.  “I had been in business for nearly 40 years at that point and no one had ever called to tell me how new  gutters actually made their home look a hundred percent better.  That had never happened before and it reminded me of when aluminum seamless gutters first came onto the market  and started to replace the galvanized steel sectional products.   The seamless was top of the line at the time and cost more but homeowners bought them for their  superior performance and appearance.”

Cangialosi remembers leaving one couple’s home one night after showing them a sample of RainPro. “I walked out of their house thinking:  ‘This is the future of gutters. This is not a commodity and it’s going to make me money. And most of all it convinced me that I had to stay innovative and more forward thinking about selling new products if I wanted to stay in this business.”

This month, the RainPro Gutter from Englert, Inc. is celebrating its fifth birthday and remains the only new gutter configuration to hit the market in more than 50 years. “RainPro is now installed on the homes of tens of thousands of discerning customers  across the country,” notes Joe Turovac, the Englert director of specialty products who fostered the development and sales of the unique gutter system from its inception.

“RainPro isn’t your average gutter and it’s not sold by your average gutter contractor,” notes Turovac, “nor is it installed by your average homeowner as well.

“RainPro is a premium gutter with sleek architectural lines, attractive shadowing effects and  a special non-scratch finish that the average house gutters simply don’t have.  Top all that off with greater capacity than the average gutter and you’ve got a system that appeals to homeowners who want  superior products on the exterior of their homes,” contends Turovac.

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