NRCA, IBHS partner for online education

The National Roofing Contractors Association and the Institute for Business & Home Safety announced the launch of two online educational programs to teach roofing contractors, consumers and other interested parties about impact-resistant, steep-slope roof systems.

Proper selection and installation of impact-resistant roofing technology is a proven money-saver for home and business owners during the life of a structure. According to an IBHS insurance claims study that involved 320,000 homes in 115 ZIP codes that suffered hail damage, homes with impact-resistant roofing materials benefited from a 55 percent reduction in losses when compared to homes that did not have impact-resistant roofs. This translated to direct homeowner savings of $200 to $300. Homeowners can easily recover the marginal cost increase for installation of impact-resistant materials, as it increases the value of their homes.

The first online educational program, “Impact-resistant Roofs: Contractor Certificate Program,” is designed to help contractors and their employees better serve customers by building basic competencies for identifying, selecting, installing and selling impact-resistant roofing products. Upon program completion, participants will be able to specify appropriate impact-resistant products for a given structure; prescribe best installation practices for impact-resistant products on residential projects; and inform customers about many features and benefits of impact-resistant, steep-slope roofing products for homes, apartments, businesses, etc.

“Impact-resistant Roofs: Contractor Certificate Program” consists of five self-paced learning modules and a comprehensive final exam. Individuals who successfully complete the program and exam will receive an NRCA University Certificate of Completion. Certificated roofing contractors will be included in an online database that can serve as a resource for consumers and insurance claims adjusters. The program is $45 for NRCA members and $245 for nonmembers.

The second online educational program is titled “Impact-resistant Roofs: Smart Steps to Reduce Hailstorm Damage.” This consumer-focused program teaches benefits of installing impact-resistant residential roofing products. Upon program completion, participants will be able to describe various residential steep-slope roof system types; explain roofing issues and problems associated with hail impact; participate in informed discussions with roofing contractors regarding impact-resistant roofing products; list the reported benefits of purchasing impact-resistant roofing products; explain benefits of using NRCA University-certificated roofing contractors; and locate NRCA University-certificated roofing contractors.

“Impact-resistant Roofs: Smart Steps to Reduce Hailstorm Damage” is offered free and consists of four self-paced learning modules.

For more information or to register for either program, visit or contact NRCA’s Customer Service Department at 866-275-6722 or

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