Packaging key to moving long panels

Large roof designs carry their own unique challenges. Metal Sales Manufacturing, an industry leader in custom profile technology, builds in shipping safeguards for extended length panels.

A case in point was a recent arena facility that featured 80-foot panels in the architectural design. This offered a stunning look, with long, impressive lines highlighting the structure. Moving from design to installation requires careful handling from factory to job site.

“Packaging is a vital part of metal panel manufacturing process,” says David Stermer, director of engineering. “Here at Metal Sales, our packaging is designed to be modular to accommodate any length of panel. We build U-shaped cradles that are 5 to 6 feet apart with 2×4 stringers tying the cradles together.”

For further protection Metal Sales adds plywood to the ends of the crates, which provides resistance against racking. The top of each panel bundle is wrapped with waterproof paper and tacked in place. Additional 2×4’s are positioned across the top to complete the structural integrity of the entire panel bundle, which is then finished with metal banding at regular intervals.

This packaging procedure ensures that even the longest panels are protected throughout the shipping and installation process from the plant, to the truck, to the jobsite, and to its final placement atop the structure.

Thanks to Metal Sales’ extra commitment to serving the needs of their customers, architects are free to create more innovative designs, installers are assured of receiving and handling installation-ready products, and the building owner has a great looking roof that will last for decades to come.

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