Photo Contest (Apr-May 2008)

Metal roofing contractor Brian Page of Mad Cow Roofing in Croydon, N.H., recently built a new office and decided to install Englert Series 1300, 1-1/2-inch single-lock standing seam panels — as ceiling material in his 3-story post-and-beam office.

PC-Englert_Roofing_Day_2_003.jpgPhoto contest judges haven’t seen anything like this before. It was an easy pick to go with the photographs submitted by Tom McNeill of Image Quest Photography of Vermont.

The office has high walls leading up to the lofty standing-seam cathedral ceiling. The floor level is split in half by a towering spiral staircase that rises from the center of the room up through the roof into a cupola with a view of the surrounding New Hampshire countryside. Track lighting installed across the standing seam brings light to the room. Unlike a wood-beamed ceiling, the standing seam is much less expensive to install and adds light and dimension to the room. The panels range in width from 16 to 20 inches (406 to 508 mm). When mechanically seamed into place, the panels’ seams create vertical lines that give an illusion of much greater height and length than wood or gypsum.

PC-Englert_Roofing_Day_2_069.jpgAnd there are economic advantages to using standing seam, as well. It’s less expensive than a wood ceiling and takes about a day to install. “You can do any ceiling just by adding layers to the scaffolding,” Page says, noting the biggest challenge is holding the standing seam up while it is seamed into place.

Otherwise, the installation process for a peak ceiling is identical to an exterior roof — except it is installed upside down. There is an inverted ridge cap where the standing seam comes together at the ceiling peak. And the “crown molding” is made of panel either cut flush to the gypsum wall panel or folded like a bread box around it.

Metal Roofing Magazine will publish a winning photo every issue and pay the winner $100. Runners-up will be automatically eligible for future issues. Send a slide, hard copy, or a high-resolution digital image to: Metal Roofing Magazine, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI, 54990, or by e-mail to Photographs must be free of copyright restriction. Photographs will be assumed to show appropriate safety practices.

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