Photo contest: Customer generosity

Every project has its special challenges and there are usually warning signs. All’s it takes is a demanding customer or unique project to scare away some contractors. The best metal roofing installers get the job done — even if they’ve been called in after the materials have been delivered.

Bill Zeigler of Zeigler Contracting in New Ringgold, Pa., likes challenges, just to keep things interesting. For being an installer not afraid to take on a challenging project — and sharing the photos with Metal Roofing Magazine — Zeigler has been named the winner of this issue’s Photo Contest. Congrats Bill!

This particular homeowner knew what he wanted and wasn’t going to settle for anything less.

The first thing was the standing seam metal roofing on the returns had to have the standing seam in the middle. That’s reasonable.

The second thing was the turret on the right-hand side of the home. It’s challenging enough, but the owner didn’t want a cap on the top, but rather to have the whole roof meet together at a point. The materials delivered to the jobsite included a commercial ridge cap. Zeigler agreed there had to be a better looking solution. “That thing was 14 or 16 inches wide and it wouldn’t have looked too good,” Zeigler says. “I took some metal home and tried to get what he wanted. I threw quite a few pieces of metal out the back door before I got it right, but it turned out pretty good.”

Zeigler worked on the project alone and it took about two weeks. “When we got done, the customer gave us an extra $250” Zeigler says. “Told me to take my wife out to eat with that money.”

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Congrats Bill!

Metal Roofing Magazine will publish a winning photo every issue and pay the winner $100! Runners-up will be automatically eligible for future issues. Send a slide, hard copy, or a high-resolution digital image to: Metal Roofing Magazine, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI, 54990, or by e-mail to Photographs must be free of copyright restriction. Photographs will be assumed to show appropriate safety practices.

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