Photo Contest: Investment opportunity

Strickland Construction has installed its share of standing seam metal roofing. Strickland never owned its own roll former, according to Glen Richardson, and opted instead to sub-contract the work.

One big job was enough to convince the powers that be at Strickland to purchase a roll former.

The Camp Wood YMCA project in Elmdale, Kan., called for 23,000 square feet of 1-1/2-inch snap lock standing seam roofing. “This project justified the purchase of a roll former,” Richardson says. “We could use it for this job and pick up some extra business.”

For taking the plunge into the world of roll former ownership and making it work for such an impressive project, Strickland Construction is the winner of this issue’s Photo Contest.

Strickland purchased a Zimmerman Metals commercial machine from KMAR Building Products. “We started the roof in March and finished it in about a month,” Richardson says. “This was a fairly complicated roof with a lot of hips and valleys and transitions. You’d get a good run going on one length of panel and then have to stop and change it up.”

Congratulations to Strickland on the project, the photo contest and on the investment of a new roll former.

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