Photo Contest: The safer the better

Installing a roofing system and doing it safely, is all in a day’s work.

The recent installation at the Holy Family Cathedral in Tulsa, Okla., took more than a day, but it was done quicker and safer because the crew from National Roofing and Insulation used the Level Rite Portable Tether/Ladder Roof Anchor.

Berle Blehm of Level Rite says the Portable Tether/Ladder Roof Anchor attaches to a ladder, anchors the ladder to the roof line and may be used as fall protection on a 12:12 or steeper roof.

“I drew a diagram showing how they could suspend two ladders using a Portable Tether on each one and install a scaffold between the two ladders with the use of ladder jacks,” Blehm says. “Each ladder also has several Level Rite Elevating Legs placed strategically on the ladder rails to raise the ladders off of the roof surface. This permits the copper shingles to be installed under the ladder and scaffold. It also keeps the weight of the ladders off of the installed shingles.

The roof surfaces ranged in size from 50×37 feet to 100×50 feet. “They will use four Portable Tether/Ladder Roof Anchors with Elevating Legs, two scaffolds and elevating legs on the ladder rails, when roofing the main roof,” says Blehm.

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