Product Profile: Exotic Metals

Blackwood Associates
WeatherSteel is the product generally known in the industry as Weathering Steel (more commonly referred to by the US Steel trade name Cor-Ten). It is an 18-gauge (.04875) cold-rolled steel product conforming to ASTM specification A-606 Type 4. WeatherSteel develops a dense oxide that results in a rustic finish when exposed to the atmosphere.

Bridger Steel
Bridger offers one of the best selections of rustic/aged products in the U.S. The Montana company produces Cor-Ten, cold-rolled, copper, galvanized and bonderized roofing products in a variety of profiles, including three corrugated profiles and five standing seam profiles. Bridger also offers painted steel options in more than 40 colors.

CopperCraft combines old world craftsmanship with modern day technology and equipment to provide high quality yet affordable architectural sheet metal products. Experienced sheet metal craftsmen will fabricate custom products from original ideas or from the CopperCraft collection of products including dormers, finials, spires and more. Products are available in copper, tin-coated copper, pre-patina copper and steel, mill finish aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel.

Custom-Bilt Metals
Vail Majestic Copper Shingles offer the classic beauty of solid copper. Available in three rich finishes, they are fabricated from 16-ounce solid copper coil, using an exclusive process that adds dimension, depth and strength to each shingle. A patented system interlocks panels securely on all four sides, offering excellent resistance to high winds, snow loads and nature’s harshest conditions.

Engineered Materials Solutions
CopperPlus copper clad stainless steel architectural materials provide the classic beauty of solid copper, but with better performance characteristics and at significantly lower cost. Visually indistinguishable from solid copper, CopperPlus is produced by cladding thin layers of copper on both sides of a core strip of Type 430 stainless steel. Although CopperPlus is appreciably stronger than virtually all typical architectural copper alloys, it forms easily using the same tools and equipment. CopperPlus is available in a range of gauges and widths for applications such as roof pan, rain drainage, flashing, trim and decorative components.

Firestone Building Products/Una-Clad
Whether it is copper, stainless steel, bare galvanized, acrylume or the newest additions, RHEINZINK materials and PatriotGreen, FreedomGray and EverGreen from Revere Copper, Una-Clad can satisfy the designer and contractor’s needs. In recognizing a responsibility to the design professional and building owner, Una-Clad appreciates the need for special attention to detail, as well as the need for maximum manufacturing flexibility to provide quality, value and performance.

Follansbee Roofing
TCS Satin roofing is a stainless steel substrate plated with the company’s patented ZT alloy and micro-embossed with a pattern resembling the soft satin patina of pure zinc plate. TCS Satin provides greater formability, competitive pricing and superior corrosion resistance, including in maritime environments, compared to most other exotic roofing metals.

Millennium Tiles
Zalmag shingles and panels are made from Super Dyma, a galvanized steel product from Japan’s Nippon Steel. Enhanced with aluminum, magnesium, as well as silicone, this steel is up to 15 times more corrosion resistant than other galvanized products. Millennium also offers stainless steel tiles, available in natural.

Paradigm Shingles
Bennington Copper Shingles exceed all possible expectations for beauty, durability and affordability in a premium roofing product. Unlike other premium roofing materials, these copper shingles require no special installation skills, tools or deck preparation. Bennington Copper Shingles carry a 50-year warranty.

Revere Copper Products
Ultrapan is the first engineered copper specifically designed to produce roof panels using portable pan formers. EverGreen is ideal for roofing as well as other architectural uses and can be installed where standard copper would go. On the day of installation, EverGreen sheets feature the warm, rich variety of nearly mature copper. Exposure to the environment completes the aging process over time. PatriotGreen is a copper product coated with bluish green coating, creating the authentic look of mottled copper. FreedomGray is standard architectural sheet copper coated both sides with a patented tin-zinc alloy.

RHEINZINK is a titanium zinc, copper alloy with unmatched longevity and an elegant, aesthetically pleasing appearance, making it an ideal building material. With many detail variations possible, RHEINZINK complements both traditional and modern architecture. Curvilinear surfaces can be clad without difficulty due to the material’s natural flexibility. RHEINZINK is available in Bright Rolled, Preweathered Blue Gray and Preweathered Graphite Gray.

Umicore Building Products
Adeka is a pre-formed VM Zinc shingle product that allows for rapid installation. The tiles are installed with a 2-inch overlap. VM Dexter Zinc is a standing seam shingle. One VM Dexter Zinc panel covers about 6 square feet and comes in either Quartz Zinc Plus (preweathered gray) or Anthra Zinc Plus (preweathered black). Double Lock Standing Seam is one of the most traditional ways of installing a metal roof.

Zappone Manufacturing
The Zappone Copper Shingle is available in 16-ounce copper or Tough 12 high tensile strength copper — both gauges protect and beautify structures for years. Zappone says its Copper Shingle is the only true individual, four-way interlocking, solid copper shingle manufactured today.

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