Product Profile: Fasteners/clips ’08

AMSI Supply
AMSI manufactures more than 375 different standing seam metal roof clips, including UL classified parts to fit most popular snap-lock profiles, including New Tech Machinery, Zimmerman Metals and Quadro-Pro. AMSI clips are available in a variety of standard steel gauges and can be supplied in G-90 galvanized and 304 stainless steel. AMSI stocks a wide variety of screws, including ASO series screws that feature combo drive to eliminate the need for magnetic drivers and a saw-cut sharp point to allow the screw to cut through multiple thicknesses of sheet metal with ease.

Atlas Bolt & Screw
Flat-Tops, ideal for roof and wall applications, combine undercut a HWH with EPDM cut tubular sealing washers. The Ultimate LocFast, assembled with the DEKS washer provides four sealing points. The metal washer is encapsulated in EPDM for real strength. The zinc head provides protection against red rust for the life of the building. Self-Drillers, made for metal-to-metal applications are manufactured with a tapered compression point, allowing for tightened tolerance controls to provide a sharp cutting edge.

Building Products Development
BPD provides a full line of clips for standing seam panels, both UL listed and non-UL listed, to fit most any profile. The company’s UL sliding clip has nominal 4-inch slide capability and offers greater uplift resistance than most others on the market. BPD offers the ability to do custom work and has experience to assist with clip design and testing.

Burco, Inc.
Burco supplies collated black ring shank nails to the stone-coated steel roofing industry. Burco nails are available through and approved by all the major manufacturers including Gerard, Decra, Allmet, Metro, SteelRock and Stonehenge for the installation of their roof panels. Burco nails are available through dealers nationwide that supply stone-coated steel. Available in both a 2-3/8-inch collated “panel nail” and a 3-1/4-inch collated “batten nail” in a ring shank with a 1,000-hour corrosion resistant black coating. Burco nails have been proven to be the only approved legitimate alternative to screws that meet or exceed the industries specs for a more efficient, economical and easier installation.

DB Fasteners
DB distributes ICC ES #5617 approved fasteners along with many other accessories to the metal roofing industry. The company’s in-house painting department specializes in small and unusual orders. DB is a master distributor for ITW Buildex, Trufast, Schnee Morehead, Aztec Washer (Masterflash) and DeWalt Tools, with warehouses in Ontario and Sacramento, Calif., Phoenix, Ariz., and Laredo, Texas.

Dynamic Fastener
The company offers self-drilling screws for stitching and sheet-to-structural applications as well as clip screws where a low clearance head is required when fastening to steel or wood. Fasteners are available in stainless steel and with the Dyna-Coat 1,000-hour salt spray premium coating. Also available are #14 self-drilling T-5 fasteners from 1-1/2 inches to 8 inches to fasten steel to structural steel from .25 inches to .625 inches total steel thickness.

ESE Machines
This Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of roll forming, seaming and decoiling equipment also provides hand tools, fixed and expansion cleats for architectural double-lock standing seam. Cleat sizes vary from 1 inch to 1-3/4 inches in height. All the ESE cleats are manufactured from stainless steel for compatibility with the roofing materials used in the industry. The cleats with added height are offered to accommodate installations with mesh underlayment.

East Coast Fasteners
The Ply-Lo PC features a powder coat paint finish applied to the fastener head and washer assembly, which provides durability and corrosion resistance. EPDM sealing washers provide a positive seal. The impact resistance is in accordance with ASTM D-2794 or 100-inch pounds and 100-inch pounds reverse. When put through Kesternich cabinet testing simulating acid rain conditions, Ply-Lo fasteners last longer than G90 and Galvalume fasteners. Standard Ply-Lo fasteners can be color matched to any panel. The Type 17 point with high-low thread generates holding strength and makes installation easy.

Fastener Systems, Inc.
Fastener Systems offers a complete line of metal roofing and insulated panel clip fasteners. The company’s pancake head fasteners range from 5/8 to 8 inches, #10 to #14 diameter and drilling capacities equivalent to tek 1 to tek 5. Clip fasteners are available in carbon steel with yellow zinc plating, long life (1,000 hours) coating and epoxy coated, also available in 300 and 400 type stainless steel. All FSI fasteners are head stamped for traceability. Custom labeling and packaging are available.

GRK Fasteners
The MSS Metal Siding/Roofing Screw has an integrated concave washer head and is complemented with an EPDM sealing washer designed to seal under the screw head. No pre-drilling is needed due to the MSS multiple tip design, suitable for thin sidings as well as thick studs. The MSS is available in different colors to match siding appearance and is powder coated for exceptionally high corrosion resistance.

Ideal Building Fasteners
Ideal is a major supplier/manufacturer of fasteners for the metal construction industry. The company line includes a variety of self-drilling fasteners, featuring its SDS brand, available in various metal alloys to meet the specifications of most building projects. Ideal also stocks a complete line of closure strips, butyl caulk tapes and pipe sealers.

ITW Buildex
The Illinois company manufactures fastening systems and accessories for the pre-engineered metal building and light-gauge steel frame markets. ITW produces tools and fasteners to attach metal-to-metal, exterior sheathing to light-gauge framing and metal-to-wood. The product line includes Teks, Gyp-Fast, Scots, Tru-Grip, HTZ, Destrip and Dektite.

Leland Industries
Leland manufactures a complete line of fasteners for metal roofing, wood frame or steel frame projects. The company offers self-drilling and self-tapping sealing fasteners in lengths to 4 inches, in Nos. 10, 12, and 14 diameters. Longer lengths, up to 8 inches, are available on special order. Leland’s fasteners are produced in carbon steel or stainless steel, plated, coated or powder coated to match any panel color and any manufacturer’s long-life paint warranty. Color matching fasteners is not a problem with Leland’s powder coating process. The company paints both the head and under the head, where corrosion starts.

Levi’s Screws and Nails
Levi’s handles pancake screws in square drive in lengths of 1, 1-1/2 and 2 inches. The company also handles many other screws for the metal roofing industry with in-house painting. Color matched per request.

Marco Industries
Building Fasteners, a division of Marco, carries a full line of fasteners for both metal buildings (Qwik-Drill fasteners) and post-frame buildings (Qwik-Grip fasteners). Both are available with the company’s state of the art paint system.

Maze Nails
Maze is a maker of top-quality double hot-dipped galvanized rubber washer nails — in colors to match all major brands of painted metal roofing and siding. Each Maze washer has sharp ring shanks for superior holding power. The EPDM and silicone washers on Maze Nails will provide decades of leak-free service.

North American Bocker
The Draco Fixed Clip Former is a hand-operated tool to manufacturer fixed cleats. It bends, punches holes, perforates and cuts in one operation. It’s available for a variety of panel heights.

Precision Fastener and Components
Precision delivers a complete line of top-rated fasteners for the metal roofing professional including standing seam slip screws to fit all requirements: plated, coated and stainless steel. Also available are through-panel screws in mill and painted, stainless painted and zinc capped screws, as well as a variety of gutter screws, stitch screws, framing screws and hex and pancake screws.

Raytec Manufacturing
All of the company’s screws are available in all popular sizes and colors. Two-hundred-hour gold color zinc-plated screws are independently lab tested to resist red rust. Rezist screws have three layers of ceramic baked on to resist red rust up to 500 hours in an independent lab salt spray test. The 410 stainless steel screw has magnetic properties and maintains sharp points and threads.

Rosko Fasteners
The Georgia company offers the Rx Driller for steel frame building systems and the Woody and Super Woody for post-frame applications. The post-frame building fasteners come standard with CR Long Life protective coating at no extra charge. Rosko has a computerized color matching for its painted fasteners to match any panels. Accessory items include closure strips, pipe flashings, sealants, tapes, rivets and masonry anchors.

S-5! Solutions
Patented S-5! clamp technology makes attaching ancillary items to standing seam roofs simple, quick and as dependable as the roof systems they complement. Some uses include attachment of pipes, conduits, roof ladders, solar collector panels, HVAC equipment, roof dormers, equipment screens, roof walks, satellite dishes and snow retention products.

The Ohio company supplies fasteners for metal roofing in the steel-frame, post-frame and residential building industries. Company strengths include the drill point quality of its self-drilling and post-frame screws as well as a commitment to corrosion resistance. Point walking on metal panels is eliminated. The Maxx integral head Steelbinder and the Eclipse round head Steelbinder were designed with aesthetics in mind. The cupped head and round head designs encapsulate the rubber EPDM washer, preventing it from protruding beyond the washer face. The Kwikseal II Type 17 post-frame screw has a milled drill point, unique thread design to maximize holding strength and mechanical zinc plating. The Z-XL Woodbinder and Steelbinder each have a zinc-aluminum molded head that makes them impervious to red rust, backed by a written warranty. Other corrosion resistant screws include the ST-XL 304 stainless steel cap Type 17 for Galvalume roof post-frame applications and the Woodbinder ACQ stainless steel wood screw for treated lumber.

SFS intec
SFS manufactures a wide range of engineered panel clips for standard profiles as well as custom designed metal panel systems. The Pennsylvania company offers snap-lock and architectural fixed and floating clips in both galvanized and stainless steel. SFS also offers fasteners for clip attachments in various head styles and drill point configurations, in both galvanized and stainless steel, to meet all performance requirements.

Swan Secure
Swan Secure manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of stainless steel and copper alloy fasteners for high-end residential construction. Whether it is standing seam, slate, wood shingle, synthetic slate or asphalt roofing, Swan Secure fasteners stand the test of time and weather the elements for the life of the roof. The company stocks hand-drive nails and screws as well as collated nails, screws and staples to fasten just about any kind of roofing material.

Triangle Fastener
Triangle supplies standard and specialty fasteners, tools, sealants and accessories for metal roofing and metal building applications. Seven in-house painting facilities available for painted fasteners. Triangle offers jobsite support, technical assistance, inventory management programs and product development, as well as 24 stocking locations.

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