Product Profile: Fasteners/clips ’09

AMSI Supply
AMSI manufactures more than 600 different standing seam roof panel clips designed to fit virtually every roof panel profile on the market, including UL Classified clips to fit Quadro-Pro, Zimmerman, New Tech, Knudson and more. AMSI also manufactures an extensive line of metal roofing screws, including stainless steel and ACQ approved product for just about every metal roofing application.

Atlas Bolt & Screw
Flat-Tops, ideal for roof and wall applications, combine undercut a HWH with EPDM cut tubular sealing washers. The Ultimate LocFast, assembled with the DEKS washer provides four sealing points. The metal washer is encapsulated in EPDM for real strength. The zinc head provides protection against red rust for the life of the building. Self-Drillers, made for metal-to-metal applications are manufactured with a tapered compression point, allowing for tightened tolerance controls to provide a sharp cutting edge.

Burco Inc.
Burco Inc. supplies 1,000-hour corrosion resistant, collated-ring shank nails and 1,000-hour corrosion resistant bulk screws to the stone coated steel roofing industry. Fasteners are approved by Gerard, Allmet, SteelRock, Metro and DECRA and are available through metal roofing dealers nationwide such as ABC Supply, Gulfeagle Supply, Metal Sales, Shelter Distribution, Construction Material Supply and Ram Metal Roof Mart.

Dynamic Fastener
Dynamic Fastener’s self-drilling screws are for stitching and sheet-to-structural applications. Clip screws require a low clearance head when fastening to steel or wood. Fasteners are available in stainless steel and with the Dyna-Coat 1,000 hour salt spray premium coating. Fenderhead Fasteners available include the #14 self-drilling T-5 fasteners from 1-1/2 inches to 8 inches long that will fasten steel to structural steel from .250 inches to .625 inches total steel thickness. Fenderheads are available with the Dyna-Coat 1,000 hour salt spray premium coating.

East Coast Fasteners
The Ply-Lo 410 is for attaching Galvalume and other long-life roof panels, including PVDF-painted panels, to wood frame buildings. Manufactured from 410 stainless steel and coated with 1,000-hour salt spray resistant Ultraseal, the 410 provides 20 years of protection against red rust. The 304 stainless steel bonded sealing washer provides lifetime protection from red rust. The vulcanized bonding of the washer eliminates separation of EPDM from the metal backing.

ESE Machines
This Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of roll forming, seaming and decoiling equipment also provides hand tools, fixed and expansion cleats for architectural double-lock standing seam. Cleat sizes vary from 1 inch to 1-3/4 inches in height. All the ESE cleats are manufactured from stainless steel for compatibility with the roofing materials used in the industry. The cleats with added height are offered to accommodate installations with mesh underlayment.

GRK Fasteners
The MSS Metal Siding/Roofing Screw has an integrated concave washer head and is complemented with an EPDM sealing washer designed to seal under the screw head. No pre-drilling is needed due to the MSS multiple tip design, suitable for thin sidings as well as thick studs. The MSS is available in different colors to match siding appearance and is powder coated for exceptionally high corrosion resistance.

Leland Industries
A North American manufacturer of screws, nuts and bolts for agricultural, commercial and industrial construction. Leland’s low profile pancake head screws are available in the 10-, 12- and 14-diameter in lengths to 3 inches, carbon steel or stainless. Low profile design provided added clearance for a standing seam roof or concealed fastener panel system. All Leland fasteners receive basic JS500 plating and may be DT2000 or powder painted for extended protection. For extreme corrosion resistance, stainless steel is available.

Levi’s Nails & Screws
Levis Nails & Screws offers many different kinds of metal roofing screws including post-frame screws, self drillers, stainless steel screws for aluminum panels, pancake head screws, stainless steel cap screws and wafer head screws. All are available color matched to any panel color.

Marco Industries
Marco began 20 years ago as a simple closure company. Marco’s mission then and today includes listening to what customers need and want, and then to better the customers’ processes in building higher quality buildings.  Through the years, Marco has continued to deliver its technological developments to the building industry with products that are innovative, superb quality, economical and award-winning.

Precision Fastener & Components
Precision offers a full selection of top quality roof clips for all panel types, as well as bearing plates, stamped at its facility in Clearwater, Fla. Precision offers a complete line of top-rated fasteners for the metal roofing professional, including standing seam clip screws to fit all requirements: plates, coated and stainless.

S-5! Solutions
Patented S-5! clamp technology makes attaching ancillary items to standing seam roofs simple, quick and dependable. Use S-5! utility clamps to attach signs, HVAC equipment, solar panels, roof dormers, roof walks, satellite dishes, equipment screens, gas piping, snow retention products and more without violating the integrity of the roof. S-5! products look great, install easily, last as long as the roof and cost less than the alternatives.

Sealtite Building Fasteners
The Ohio company supplies fasteners for metal roofing in the steel-frame, post-frame and residential building industries. Company strengths include the drill point quality of its self-drilling and post-frame screws as well as a commitment to corrosion resistance. The Maxx integral head Steelbinder and the Eclipse round head Steelbinder were designed with aesthetics in mind. The cupped head and round head designs encapsulate the rubber EPDM washer, preventing it from protruding beyond the washer face. The Z-XL Woodbinder and Steelbinder each have a zinc-aluminum molded head that makes them impervious to red rust, backed by a written warranty. Pancake Head screws & thin Wafer head screws for SSR clip applications & slotted panel applications are available. Pancake Self-drillers are available in both carbon steel & 304 Stainless Steel for high corrosion areas. New in 2009, Duraseal Plus powder coating will be available on many screws.

SFS intec
SFS intec manufactures a complete line of fasteners for metal application and construction. The company’s metal-to-metal product line includes Impax self-drillers, ZAC long-life self-drillers and SX stainless steel (304 series) self-drillers for ultimate corrosion protection for panel attachment. Woodgrip, WoodZAC and WoodMAC product lines available for metal to wood attachment. Fasteners can be painted to match any panel color in the industry. SFS intec also manufactures a broad line of panel clips and fasteners for standing seam/architectural panel attachment.

Triangle Fastener Corporation
Triangle Fastener Corporation provides a full line of standard and specialty fasteners, tools, sealants and accessories for the commercial construction industry. The new Need-It-Now! program for metal roofing consolidates products and services so customers have immediate access to a wide variety of items from 24 locations. Triangle offers painted fasteners, rivets and closures that are color matched to your exact requirements. Job site and technical assistance, Pak-One job pack program and product development is available.

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