Product Profile: Jobsite Tools

Acme Tools
Acme Tools has a new retail website with the unique online feature “Shop by Trade,” which allow roofers to shop for roofing products specific to their trade.  Roofing products listed include roofing nailers, air compressors, fall arrest equipment, roof anchors, extension ladders and scaffolding, hoses and electrical tools.  Extensive product specifications are provided for every product.

Authentic Tools
Bending metal on the jobsite just got easier with the Versa-Bender and the Versa-Hemmer. The Single Station and the Double Station Versa-Bender fabricates and bends metal on the job site such as counter flashing, saddles, fascia and metal roof panels and can bend metal up to 90 degrees and quickly adjusts to the desired bending depth of 5/8 to 7-1/2 inches. The single station bender has one set of rollers that help in bending smaller panels. To assist with bending longer pieces of metal the double station bender has two sets of rollers, for maximum efficiency and uniform bending. The Versa-Hemmer compliments the Versa-Bender by completing the 90 degree bend to a complete 180 degree fold and is ideal for bending panels in valleys, rakes and interlocking panels and can bend a depth of 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches, is easy to use and requires no special training. The Versa-Bender and Versa-Hemmer can bend 24-gauge painted steel, .040-inch aluminum, copper and zinc. Both the Versa-Bender and the Versa-Hemmer have handles that help against fatigue and add leverage while bending metal.

D.I. Roof Seamers
D.I. Roof Seamers offers roof seamers for rent or purchase for any standing seam roof panel. With several rental programs to choose from, D.I. offers certified machines shipped directly to the jobsite. All products are made in the USA. Offering a full line of hand crimpers, accessories and hand tools, D.I. Roof Seamers makes roof seaming easier.

Dynamic Fastener
Dynamic offers jobsite tools from DeWalt, Milwaukee, Skil/Bosch, Fein, Trumpf, Olympic, Makita and Kett Electric Tools, as well as fall protection from DBI Sala, Guardian and Miller. Also available are hard hats, safety glasses and hearing protection, plus Klein, Proto and Wright erection wrenches, and bolt bags and leather goods. Dynamic offers same-day shipping of screws, anchors, flashings, safety equipment, hand tools and power tools. Contractors can take advantage of in-house painting of screws and rivets, with one or two-day lead-time. It’s all in a free 124-page, full color, tool and fastener handguide provides engineering data and details product offering.

Fein Tools
Fein nibblers impress with their high working speed, are easy to handle, compact, durable and powerful. In addition, they offer a whole range of benefits — no matter whether work involves roofing, siding, duct work, gutters or industrial sheet metal processing. The BLK 1.3C Nibbler has the fastest cutting speed in its class, 7-1/2 feet per minute. It’s designed for cutting corrugated and features tool-free change of punch, die and cutting direction.

Hot Melt Technologies
Hot Melt Technologies manufactures in-line hot melt sealant dispensing equipment for integration to all makes of portable roll forming equipment. HMT’s in-line systems provide labor saving sealant application for snap lock, mechanical lock and soffit panel profiles. Hot Melt Technologies is also a turnkey supplier providing several sealant choices. HMT handgun applicators simplify sealant application while curving panels.

Karr’s Building Supply & Service
In addition to its full line of roll formers and roll former accessories, KBS offers anything from hand tools to roofing clips. Featured is the G-9 Gas Powered Seamer, ideal for large roofing projects and projects with hard to reach power sources. The G-9 is capable of seaming panels 90 or 180 degrees, from 1- to 2-1/2-inch leg height at speeds of 40 feet per minute. It is powered by a 21cc two-stroke motor with built-in clutch and reversible gearbox for bi-directional seaming. The G-9 also can be ordered with a quick-changing electric motor.

Level-Rite Tools
Roof anchors, fall protection and ladder levelers make work safer for anyone who uses a ladder. A Rooftop Material Transport moves material from a roof eave up the roof on your anchored ladder. A Solar Panel/Material Transport moves fragile panels or other materials from the ground to the roof eave. Level Rite Ladder Safety Tools are made of 6061 T6 (aircraft) aluminum and are tested for strength using guidelines from OSHA, ANSI and NFPA. Most of the tools store on the ladder until needed and most tools have accessories (sold separate) that expand the usefulness of the tool. 

Malco Products
The 3-Station Edge Roller is for hand rolling a precise bend along trim edge of a metal roofing panel. Three roller stations assure a uniform full-length bend out to ends of panel. Outer rollers may travel off ends of panel and easily back on to complete bend because two roller stations always remain aligned on trim edge. English/Metric gauge on center roller station quickly adjusts and aligns all three roller stations for making 5/8- to 4-inch deep bends in 29- to 22-gauge steel. The center rollers are independently adjustable, with outer roller stations retracted, to allow for making mild-angled bends on a curve.

Proper installation requires the proper tools for the proper task. Freund tools, made in Germany, are recognized throughout the world for the quality and superior craftsmanship of its hand-made, hand-forged, specialized roofing tools. MetalTech-USA offers a complete line of Freund tools for all of your professional roofing needs including snips, pliers, tongs, hammers, crimpers and more.

Muro North America
The CH7260 Series Metal Pro drive hex head, truss head and waferhead screws automatically. It is the fastest, safest and most economical system for fastening hex head screws through steel layers and framing. Use with waferhead screws to fasten plywood to steel substrates without worrying about losing a screw. The CH7260 series is coupled with a torque adjustable 2500 RPM motor. Screws are perfectly placed and torqued every time without striping in thin-gauge metals. Choose the tool suited to your application. The CH7260 series tools handle any situation facing the metal roofer. Use the optional extension handle to drive while standing; Colored screws are collated 25 to a strip and are loaded in seconds.

NA Bocker
North American Bocker specializes in the unique metal bending line Wuko and carries a line of hoists and cranes. The newest product to come to the U.S. is the Wuko Lock’n’Roller 1040, used to close single-lock standing seams. It closes the profile in both directions, the width of profile at 12-15 mm.  It can also adjust to standing or batten seam width. Maximum steel metal thickness are .65 mm for galvanized steel, .80 mm for aluminum, copper, zinc and .50 mm for stainless steel.

Park City Rain Gutters
Park City Rain Gutter carries a wide assortment of Freund tools. Some of the company’s best sellers are Gutter Bracket Benders, Pipe Expanders and Aviation Snips. The bracket benders make the perfect angle for installation on a non-plum fascia. The pipe expander is a finely tuned instrument that will expand pipes ends easily, smoothly and save valuable installation time. Quality and durability are keys in the making of these tools.

Precision Fasteners & Components
Precision distributes some of the best hand snips, offering left, right and straight offset as well as upright models that cut clean and lower hand fatigue. Precision offers hand seamers in all sizes for 1-, 1-1/2- and 2-inch panels and carries heavy-duty power seamers that can seam any type of panel. Jobsite tools are manufactured by Craftsmen in the United States.

Seamer Tools
The Mississippi-based company is the electric roof seamer headquarters. Seamer Tools seamers, available for lease anywhere in North America, are designed specifically for most manufacturers’ metal roof panels and can be custom-set for any panel. The company also carries a full line of hand crimpers to go along with seamers and pays for shipping to your office or jobsite.

Swenson Shear
Swenson Shear has been manufacturing quality jobsite tools for more than 50 years. The Snap Table system for concealed-fastener panels provides quick and effortless notching and shearing at any angle right on the jobsite. Slide the panel down the table to the new Eave and Valley Hemmer for a perfectly rolled hem in seconds. Save time, eliminate waste and improve the overall look of the finished job. Use as a standalone unit or attach it to an onsite roll former. Easily shear exposed-fastener profiles straight at 90 degrees or on an angle with Swenson’s tried-and-true portable pivot shear. One quick, clean cut.

Triangle Fastener
TFC supplies a full line of tools and accessories for drilling, driving, cutting and sawing. Triangle carries all major brands of standard and specialty tools designed for the professional contractor. Job-site support and training programs are available from all 23 locations to assure proper tool use.

Van Mark Products 
Van Mark Products introduces its line of Metal Master 20 portable bending brakes for the job site. The Industrial Metal Master 20 is designed to meet the demands of the metal roofing/metal building industry and features a 20-3/8-inch throat depth, the deepest of any portable bender. Additional features include ergonomic bending handles and Power Lock bar technology, which provides both stronger clamping pressure and an increased bending radius for faster, easier hemming. Available soon, the new Master Stand brake support provides a central drop-down wheel system for effortless maneuverability on the jobsite. 

Weather Guard Building Products
Weather Guard features a fine of Malco Tools, Ladder Max, Bigg Lugg, chop drops, Turbo Shears, drivers, seamers and more for all your metal roofing needs.

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