Product Profile: Metal Shingles

Andex Metal Products
Springhouse Shingles were designed primarily for the residential market. They have a low profile, horizontal layered look and come in a traditional looking profile complementary to North American architecture. The distinctive pattern embossed into each panel reflects light, creates shadowing and depth and adds strength. Springhouse Shingles are coated with a low gloss, baked-on finish that comes in eight standard colors with a PVDF paint system.

ATAS International
Advanta shingle is durable, attractive and a smart alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. Advanta, a simulated dimensional shingle, is easily installed from eave to ridge with concealed fasteners. The shingle has pre-punched direct fastening points, with a four-way interlock for weathertightness. It is lightweight, allowing installation over an existing roof without the need for tear-off and disposal (subject to local codes) and is available in solid colors or the Americana series pattern. Typical applications for Advanta are roofs on either commercial or residential buildings, walls and mansards.

Berridge Manufacturing
Berridge offers several styles of metal shingles: Victorian and Classic for restoration or new projects; Rustic Shake, a simulated shake shingle in 24-gauge steel; Fish Scale shingles for vertical or mansard applications; and the unique Fluted Fascia Panel for vertical wall applications.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems
Classic manufactures energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, lifetime aluminum shakes and shingles. Made from 98 percent post-consumer recycled aluminum, Classic roofs reflect the sun’s energy from the home reducing attic heat gain by up to 34 percent and summer cooling costs by up to 20 percent. Each Classic roof comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that transfers to new home-owners for up to 40 years from installation. Classic roofs are certified by the MCA Metal Roofing Panel Program and are Energy Star partners. Classic sells through a network of independent dealers who enjoy exclusive territories and high margins.

Conklin Metal Industries
Conklin, founded in 1874, has manufactured metal shingles since the early 1900’s. The company’s unique and classic metal shingle is unsurpassed in its longevity, durability and timeless appeal. Conklin only makes one style of stamped metal shingle, the Stamped Diamond Pattern. Shingles are available in six types of metal and packaged in cartons containing 136 shingles, enough to cover one square (100 square feet).

Custom-Bilt Metals
Vail Titan Select metal shingles combine timeless style with incredible durability and energy efficiency. Heavy-gauge metal construction and an interlocking design hold them in place even in harsh weather conditions and make it nearly impossible for moisture to penetrate. Featuring the Titan Cool Roof Reflective Paint System, shingles are coated with PPG and PVDF reflective pigmentation technology to deliver a highly efficient cooling performance that reflects up to 70 percent of the sun’s energy and reduces cooling costs up to 20 percent.

DECRA Roofing
Emulating the classic beauty and architectural detail of a heavy cut, rustic hand-split wood shake, Shake XD combines the superior performance of corrosion resistant, aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel with the beauty of an acrylic bonded stone chip finish. Shake XD is lightweight, durable and provides safety and security beyond other roofing products. The steel panels are walkable and will not crack, split, curl or break like traditional wood shakes. Like all DECRA profiles, Shake XD is backed by a 50-year limited warranty, a 120 mph wind warranty and is a Class 4 impact resistant, non-combustible, Class A rated material. DECRA panels are easy to use with solar. Other profiles available are the DECRA Villa Tile, DECRA Tile, DECRA Shake, DECRA Shingle and DECRA Shingle Plus.

Futurelok aluminum and steel shingles combine the appeal of classic cedar shingles or slate roofing with the strength and durability of commercial grade aluminum or G-90 galvanized steel. The lightweight and fire resistant shingles are available in many colors, will not rot, split, curl or break and offer a lifetime warranty. The four-way locking system guards against high winds. The 28-gauge shingles are coated with PVDF coatings.

Edco Products
Edco Products has introduced two new panels to its ArrowLine roofing product line. The two new panels are based on Edco’s original ArrowLine Shake and Slate panels. Edco takes the shake or slate panel and then enhances the panel with lighter and darker tones that complement the base color. This process creates a natural blended look that has more curb appeal than solid color panels. ArrowLine Enhanced Shake is available in four blended colors while the ArrowLine Enhanced Slate comes in three blended colors.

Follansbee’s Stamped Diamond-Pattern Metal Shingle for residential and commercial roofing projects, is corrosion resistant and durable and can be installed over existing asphalt shingles. Conklin Metal Industries is providing the technology for the Stamped Diamond-Pattern Metal Shingle, manufactured from Follansbee’s TCS Satin, TCS II, Terne II and KlassicKolors. Conklin’s design includes a specially developed side lock to permit the shingles to be installed quickly and easily without soldering. The side lock system allows for thermal contraction and expansion and is watertight. Deep cross crimps prevent water from being blown under the end laps.

Future Roof
Future Roof shingles combine the appeal of classic cedar shingles with the warmth, strength and durability of the best Energy Star coating available. Future Roof shingles provide outstanding performance and value, and are available in an assortment of beautiful colors as well as copper. Future Roof shingles come with a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty.

Hy-Grade Roofing
The Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System is a multi-panel system that will enhance the look of any home, giving it charm, character and curb appeal. The HGR steel shake was developed in Ontario in 1979 to accommodate the harsh Canadian weather. The shake has a patented nailing socket engineered to allow for the expansion and contraction of the steel without “working out” the fastener. For strength and durability HGR uses only 26-gauge G90 Plastisol coated steel from Canadian steel mills.

Ideal Roofing
Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are manufactured with a stucco embossed finish for greater strength and a hidden integrated fastening strip for a distinguishable look. Wakefield Bridge is available in nine attractive colors with a 50-year warranty in the proven PVDF paint system with Kynar 500 resin and the most advanced “cool roof” solar reflection technology ensuring exceptional protection from solar radiation and reducing the cost of air-conditioning.

Loomis Metals
Eurotile roof panels have the beauty of tile with the advantages of metal. Being light weight, Eurotile requires a fraction of the substructure that a clay tile roof requires. Eurotile is available in a variety of colors and can be installed over existing composition shingles, eliminating the cost of tear-off.

Metal Pro Roofing
Metal Pro Roofing manufactures a 24-gauge steel shingle line in three profiles — shake, dimensional and Spanish tile — in seven colors. By using 24-gauge steel, the company says its products are rigid to the touch. The unique powder coating gives the appearance of a stone-coated shingle without the risk of “rub-off.”

Metal Sales
Fiesta has a design, color and durability that will function for years. A two-layer paint coating gives the panel the look of real clay or cement tile roofing. It can be installed over solid sheathing with felt paper and comes with matching formed trim pieces and accessories. Stile is a metal roofing system designed to be durable while simulating the elegant look of clay roofing tiles. Panels are attached with fasteners coated to match the panel finish and placed in the shadow line of the panel step. A full line of architectural and formed flashings are available for typical roof conditions.

Metals USA
All Metals USA products have a base material of pre-painted Galvalume coil steel. The company’s Tile profile provides the aesthetics of traditional tile without the excessive weight. The Shake profile has a stepped and grained profile, which simulates the natural elegance of traditional hand-split wood shake. Crushed and graded stone granules are bonded to the steel panels with a proven acrylic resin formula. A clear acrylic over-glaze is applied and oven curing completes the process. The underside of the panels is protected with a final coat of polyester paint.

MetalWorks by TAMKO
The MetalWorks product line includes a variety of metal shingle styles — for both residential and commercial applications — including AstonWood, a traditional look of real wood; StoneCrest Slate, the random finish of natural slate, and StoneCrest Tile, for the distinctive look of smooth, uniform tile. They are available in a variety of colors, including colors rated “cool” by the Cool Roof Rating Council — a testament to the energy savings that can be achieved. MetalWorks shingles are made with up to 50 percent recycled content, feature a four-way locking system for enhanced performance and a 50-year limited warranty.

Metro Roof Products
From the graceful curves of Metro Tile to the deep ribbed grain of Metro Shake or the sleek low profile finish of Metro Shingle, all panels create a strong weathertight roof system to beautify and protect virtually any property for years. With six colors available, MetroTile Mediterranean resists cracking and harsh weather. MetroShake-II Classic eliminates wood battens and allows faster installation times. Each panel is forged with deep wood grain impressions for any architectural style. Sleek MetroShingle roofing panels provide the cleanest roof lines with the strength of modern stone-coated steel. MetroTile-Roman features half-inch vertical ribs for strength.

Met-Tile tile facsimile roofing is a cool roof system in 10 designer colors that meet or exceed Energy Star requirements. It combines the popular look of Spanish tile with the light weight and sustainability of metal, making it ideal for new construction or re-roofing. Panels are 26-gauge zinc-aluminum alloy coated steel with a textured, stucco-like finish for more authentic appearance. Met-Tile carries a 230-plus mph wind rating for maximum hurricane protection.

MG Arsenal
Arsenal’s residential metal roofing is quickly gaining acceptance as an affordable, lightweight, attractive and long-lasting roofing alternative to traditional roofing products like asphalt shingles, tile and shake. Arsenal’s metal tiles are made to resemble the traditional clay tiles. As a result of its state-of-the-art technology, Arsenal has been able to successfully combine the durability, low weight and longevity of galvanized steel with an aesthetically pleasing design. Available in daring splashes of colors, Arsenal’s stone coated steel roofs are becoming more visible on residential and commercial building exteriors. In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the steel, Arsenal steel is coated with aluminum — zinc alloy. Arsenal’s stone coated chips are of the finest quality, manufactured in Italy.

Omega Roof Inc.
Omega Roof Shake and Shingle offer the traditional look of wood shakes without the fire hazard. Offered in coated and natural steel and copper, Omega Roof Shake and Shingle are a beautiful twist on a timeless design. Omega Roof Tile offers the attractive appearance of conventional tile without the extreme weight. In coated or natural steel and elegant copper, Omega Roof Tile is a beautiful, distinctive addition to any home.

Paradigm Shingles
The luxurious copper shingles manufactured by Paradigm are solid copper roof shingles and carry a 50-year warranty. Their Classic, elegant styles work with diverse building types ranging from historic to contemporary in settings both rural and urban. Beyond use as a roof shingle, they are very popular as siding (residential & commercial) and for accent projects such as bay windows and porch roofs. Their surface weathers gracefully and naturally to a green patina that both protects and adds distinction. Paradigm also offers PVDF-coated 26-gauge Galvalume and .032-inch aluminum shingles that come with a 30-year chalk & fade warranty. The Paradigm Classic series shingle is available in a wide variety of Energy Star compliant solar reflective colors that provide significant energy savings and tax rebates. All products are environmentally friendly, manufactured from substantial recycled content and are recyclable, helping any project to become eligible for LEED credit. Products are easy to install and do not require metal specialty skills or expensive equipment. The integral nailing strip (no clips) and easy to handle panels allow for a super fast installation very similar to that of asphalt shingles. The unique two-piece, time-tested (more than 30 years) weatherproof design has proven itself in the laboratory and in the field to stand up in even the harshest conditions, including hurricanes.

Rare Manufacturing
Rare is a Canadian company designing and manufacturing metal roofing panels for more than 15 years. Rare offers several styles including Ironwood Shake, European Tile and IronStone Slate, all produced from pre-painted Galvalume steel. The popular Ironwood Shake profile combines the natural aesthetic of cedar shakes with the durability and energy efficiency of steel. For that project requiring the look of traditional European clay tile, simulated European Tile profile is up to 10 times lighter in weight than an authentic clay tile roof and offers endless design flexibility with optional color choices and no costly truss re-enforcement. Rare’s newest product, IronStone Slate, emulates the random natural look of slate utilizing the same quality pre-painted steel as their existing roofing products.

Reinke Shakes
Reinke manufactures an aluminum roofing shingle tightly corrugated for ultimate strength. It can be walked and even driven on. The Reinke Shake is designed for adverse weather conditions; it withstands hurricanes and large hail for residential and commercial applications. It’s ideally suited for installation on geodesic dome structures and irregular shaped roofs. Shingles can be arranged in pattern for attractive storefronts on a minimum 2:12 slope.

RHEINZINK tiles include flat-lock, square and diamond-shaped tiles. Flat-lock tiles are primarily used for large façade surfaces. This is where their visual impact is most impressive. The square and diamond-shaped tiles comprise the group of RHEINZINK small tiles. Due to the small size of individual components, design solutions can even be found for geometrically complicated buildings. Among other things, traditional cladding of roof dormers, chimney heads or roof edges with small tiles is not a problem.

Scandinavian Profiling Systems
Nordman Tile is a unique metal tile roofing system combining the strength of steel with the timeless beauty of European clay tile. The metal tiles are designed for both commercial and residential applications, for both use in new roof construction and the re-roofing of existing structures. Nordman Tile Roofing System offers ease of installation with superior versatility and low life cycle cost as well as timeless elegance. Manufactured in the United States from 24-gauge hot-dipped galvanized (G-90) steel core with a protective PVDF Fluropon finish, Nordman Tile has  a permanent lifetime roofing surface that will not crack, peel or blister.

The company’s newest profile, Roman Villa Tile, features an angular design and graceful slopes to create a rich, deep profile suitable for numerous architectural styles and comply with most homeowner’s association guidelines. Like all SteelRock profiles, Roman Villa is backed by a Class 4 hail impact resistance rating (UL2218) and a lifetime non-prorated limited warranty as well as a standard 120 mph wind warranty. The company also offers its traditional Pacific Shake and Pacific Tile profiles.

Steel Tile
Steel Tile metal roofing systems combine the versatility of prefinished steel with the classic look of clay tile. Katech roofing panels are designed to give the appearance of a clay tile roof, without the cost of upgrading the roof structure. The Katech Elite panel, with its offset wave pattern and 1/2-inch step every 16 inches, is designed to simulate a clay tile roof. The Slate Shake panel, with a 5/8-inch step spaced every 16 inches and vertical ribs every 11 inches, creates the appearance of a real slate or cedar shake roof, with fewer seams.

Stonehenge Tuscany provides the old world Mediterranean elegance that will draw admiration from all homeowners. This classic Mediterranean-inspired roofing system perfectly balances old world charm with the most advanced technology providing homeowners with a roof in perfect harmony with the environment. By combining 26-gauge Zincalume steel, 100 percent acrylic resins and 3M earthstone granules, Stonehenge has put together a durable roofing material. Stonehenge Tuscany, like Stonehenge Shake and Stonehenge Tiles, are one-tenth the weight of clay or cement tiles and won’t crack, break or rust.

Westform Metals
Dekk-tile is available in 14-inch and 16-inch stamps. Its contemporary “Clay-tile” style creates vivid shadows that will enhance any building. Dekk-Tile is available in your choice of 6 low gloss, high performance color coatings in 26 gauge with a 20-year paint warranty. The new Westform Slate and Shingle profiles are available in six colors and replicate the look of traditional slate and shingle profiles while providing the lightweight durability of metal.

Zappone Manufacturing
The Zappone Copper Shingle is available in 16-ounce copper or “Tough 12” High Tensile strength copper-both gauges will protect and beautify structures for literally hundreds of years. Zappone also offers aluminum shingles in a variety of colors. Zappone has taken its accent shingle and placed a scalloped compression in the center. The shingle has an exposure of 8 inches tall by 7-1/4 inches wide. The Zappone system is still interlocking and will outperform all scalloped designs on the market. For either roofing or vertical walls, the scalloped shingle will perform extremely well and add an elegant design to any roof or wall application.

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