Product Proile: Recoatings

Kynar Aquatec is a water-based formulation utilized in various metal and metal roof coatings. Kynar Aquatec delivers the durability and performance of traditional Kynar 500 PVDF resin-based coatings with the ability to dry at ambient temperatures. Both field- and factory-applied, Kynar Aquatec based coatings are most commonly used on metal roof systems and roof edge products to extend their service lives and reduce the life cycle costs associated with standard roofing maintenance. Kynar Aquatec based coatings offer excellent adhesion to Kynar 500 PVDF resin-based coatings and other metal coatings, enabling easy in-field restoration, repairs, touch ups and color changes. Kynar Aquatec based coatings also provide high reflectivity and emissivity values that meet the needs of energy efficient building codes such as California’s Title 24.

The Brewer Company
The Ohio company manufactures and supplies cold applied coatings, cements, adhesives mastics, emulsions, reflectives and reinforcement fabrics.

Conklin Products
The company’s MR System for metal roofs is a complete watertight system to be installed in a spray-applied, seamless form over virtually any type of metal roof, even those with rust problems. The system includes elastomeric acrylic coatings that have 300 percent elongation; flexible spunwoven fabrics for high stress areas such as seams and flashing areas; adhesive acrylic sealants to hold screws in place and providing a leak-tight seal; and premium rust-inhibiting primers with optional solvent or water-based technology.

Dynamic Fastener
Drop-Stop sealer was specifically designed for application to metal roofs and problem areas such as gutters, expansion joints, etc. Drop-Stop can easily be applied over sloped, contoured surfaces and will give long lasting, colorful protection. Made from select synthetic rubbers, Drop-Stop is applied effortlessly as heavy bodied paints. This unique material actually stretches and recovers to bridge roof joints in which thermal movement can be expected. With 1600 PSI tensile and 600 percent elongation capabilities, Drop-Stop can single handedly tackle most metal repairs.

EPDM Coatings
Liquid Rubber is the only EPDM rubber in liquid form. Liquid Rubber provides a seamless, single-coat roof coating that can be applied up to six times thicker than standard elastomeric. It is ideal for recoating weathered metal roofing, EPDM roof membranes, troweled concrete, foam, weathered siding and more. Liquid Rubber will withstand ponding water or immersion indefinitely and can be installer over lightly rusted surfaces without a primer. Uncured Liquid Rubber will not be damaged by freezing temperatures.

Erathane 300 Finish Coat White is a reflective, cool, high performance elastomeric polyurethane coating. The product is a liquid applied, single component, moisture-cured polyurethane coating. Erathane 300 Finish Coat is designed to provide a combination of superb adhesion to a variety of substrates and a balance of high elongation and high tensile strength. Erathane 300 Finish Coat is a “tough” coating and provides the ultimate in waterproofing.

The Garland Company
Solex is a new eco-friendly, highly reflective roof coating for metal, modified bitumen or single ply restoration, which is formulated from Kynar Aquatec polyvinylidene fluoride, a water-based, fluoropolymer-acrylic resin. This environmentally responsible coating can reduce rooftop temperatures by as much as 80 degrees, significantly reducing HVAC operating expenses during the summer months.

National Coatings Corp.
AcryShield Roof Management Systems are custom installed resulting in a seamless membrane. This watertight roofing system can be installed right over the existing roof. Use RustShield for spot treatment or rust. Custom reinforcement may be used where necessary. AcryShield basecoats provide excellent waterproofing and superior adhesion resistance to ponded water. AcryShield topcoats provide industry leading UV protection, longevity and brightness. Topcoats are formulated for superior dirt pick-up resistance and protection against biological attack such as algae mold.

Nationwide Chemical Coatings
Permakote Silver Seal is an elastomeric acrylic, ceramic filled, aluminum silver metallic protective coating designed for metal. It uses a latex, water-based formula that has waterproofing, insulating and reflecting properties. It forms a durable rubber-like protection shield that expands and contracts with varying temperatures and resists thermal shock.

PG 700 is an elastomeric roof coating that helps restore worn out metal rooftops. Part of the company’s enhanced line of cool roof solutions, PG 700 is a highly reflective coating that helps keep metal rooftops cool and extend their service lives by reflecting harmful heat and solar UV rays. PG 700 meets the Cool Roof Rating Council’s standards for reflectivity and emissivity and is Miami/Dade County approved.

Precision Fasteners & Components
Ruscoe Roofing Restoration Products’ all polymer systems are easy to apply by spray or roller and form a durable watertight system that hold up in ponding water. Because it cures to a brilliant white, customers have reported a substantial increase in cooling efficiency.

Roof Mart International
Garna-Flex is a plural component, 100 percent solids, liquid-applied fully adhered membrane. It is used in conjunction with Garna-Thane, a single component liquid-applied radiant barrier. These products may be used singly as a waterproofing treatment or together as a system. Garna-Thane may be used alone for UV protection or as a system extender. Most Garnite specifications feature these two primary products and Garna-Prime, a single component primer. Specifically designed for roofing applications, Garnite products effectively seal new roof deck construction and recover a diversity of existing roof systems, including metal built-up, EPDM, single ply, SPF insulation, wood and concrete.

Sandstone Products
The Texas company offers roof and wall coatings for all metal applications, including ceramic coatings for thermal efficiency. Sandstone also has heavy grade seam sealers for seams, screws and penetrations.

TAMKO Building Products
Tam-Star White elastomeric coating is a brilliant-white mixture of 100 percent acrylic copolymers and reflective pigment. The high concentration of titanium dioxide pigment and acrylic copolymers provides years of protection from harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation. It beautifies and protects the roof’s surface, reflecting up to 84 percent of the sun’s rays. It is ideal for coating over metal roofing, including galvanized aged at least six months and prepainted metal roofing. Its highly elastic qualities help ensure years of performance even under the most harsh conditions. Tam-Star white acrylic primer is a thin translucent coating prepared with 100 percent acrylic copolymers, adhesion promoters and stain-blocking pigments. This premium blend of resins helps ensure successful adhesion over a variety of surfaces. It is ideal for coating over metal, including galvanized aged at least six months and painted metal.

Topps Products
Topps Seal is an economical, easy to apply, Energy Star partner with exceptionally high solar reflectivity and documented energy savings in white, but 12 standard colors are available. It offers elongation to 600 percent and tensile strength to 2500 psi. Repair materials are available. Contractors are offered certification training program with prompt and professional, friendly support. Topps Seal is CRRC approved, Title 24 compliant and a LEED point contributor. It reduces rooftop temperatures in white, increases energy efficiency, VOC compliant, warranty to 10 years plus National Network of Certified Contractors.

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