Product profile: Roll formers 2008

Berridge Manufacturing
Berridge offers the SS-14, SS-1421, SS-21, CL-21 and SP-21X for standing seam profiles, BP-14 for Bermuda panels, BP-21 for batten seam panels, SL-24 for a tapered tee panel and SL-1 for a compound curved panel. Berridge designs and manufactures its own line of factory-adjusted, precision tolerance portable roll former machines. State-of-the-art computer-aided design and manufacturing systems ensure total accuracy in tooling design and fabrication. The stainless steel full-height non-adjustable rollers used on Berridge portable roll formers ensure the correct profile is formed every time with no field adjustment required. Each machine forms a specific profile with no field adjustment necessary.

The Bradbury Company
The Bradbury Company makes a wide range of equipment for the metal roofing industry. Bradbury machines can produce starter panels, middle, eave and peak panels in the order required for erection as well as panels with mastic sealant, panels with dimples for easy screw penetration, and panels pre-punched for end lap roofs. All Bradbury machines are engineered for easy operation and durability.

Drexel Metals
Drexel offers a complete line of portable roll forming machines.  The Drexel systems come complete with engineering designed to meet and/or supersede most wind requirements for the residential and commercial market segments. Metal Roof Systems by Drexel Metals gives the customer the ability to manufacture multiple panel profiles: DMC 100SS (1-inch standing seam), DMC 150SS (1-1/2-inch standing seam), DMC 150 SL (1-1/2-inch snap lock), DMC 175 S (1-3/4-inch snap lock), DMC 200S (2-inch standing seam) and DMC 5-V (5V-crimp). All systems come complete with a licensing agreement, quality assurance program, technical details and installation support. Drexel also offers an extensive coil and flat sheet inventories in both, steel and aluminum, national distribution locations and weathertightness warranties.

Engage Machinery
QX 36 is an affordable wide-coverage roll former in either agricultural or R-panel configuration. An exit shear provides straight panels every time without the need for time-consuming adjustments. The QX 36 utilizes a worm gear drive system and 16 roll stations to form panels in a crisp and efficient manner. The heart of the machine is built around massive 3-inch, induction hardened shafts to eliminate deflection over time. Chromed tooling ensures long life and quick production speeds of up to 110 feet per minute. The standard control on the machine is a Mitsubishi PLC. It provides the ability to program multiple batches. It is an easy-to-use control developed for the machine. Because the control is programmed by Engage, parts are available immediately for repair off the shelf in the U.S.

Engel Industries
Engel offers the 500 series, as well as the 800 series, featuring 11 models ranging from the M-800 to the M-825.

Englert offers its customers the full line of Metalman portable roll forming machines for standing seam roof and wall panels along with a full line of accessory products including power and manual seamers, folders and shears. Englert offers its Multipanel for 1-1/2-inch and 1-3/4-inch snap lock and a 1-1/2-inch and 2-inch mechanically seamed profiles; the Series A500 for 5V crimp; the A1000/1300 for mechanically seamed; the Variseam for 1-1/2-inch and 1-inch snap lock and the 1-1/2-inch mechanically seamed; and A1100 for 1-1/4-inch snap lock. All of Englert’s Metalman roll forming machines are contract manufactured to strict custom design specifications set by Englert and serviced by trained technicians in each of Englert’s 10 branch offices.

ESE Machines
The Panformer Models 100 for 1-inch and 150 for 1-1/2-inch architectural double lock standing seam panels are designed to be user friendly, simple and reliable. The first portable roll former in the U.S. to be designed for the jobsite, the lightweight ESE machines are available on a trailer or without. The 2-horsepower motor runs on household 115 volt 20 amp single-phase current or with a 5,000-watt generator. Machines are capable of forming up to 50 feet per minute with step-free width adjustment between 10-1/2 and 25 inches without changing dies. For use with 24-gauge steel, .04-inch aluminum, 20-ounce copper and .8mm zinc maximum. Machines come equipped with a cut-off shear, remote switch, limit switch for batch runs and an optional use set of stiffening ribs.

Hayes International
Hayes roll formers bring solid value and performance. The Hayes Single-Level roll formers provide a highly cost-effective roll forming line for the production of roofing panel profiles. An integrated uncoiler and stationary shear are standard equipment. Hayes Dual-Level roll formers share the same basic design as the single level models but produce two profiles within the same floor space. They have two levels of dedicated tooling, top and bottom in-feed guides, a double-acting stationary shear and twin independent drive units.

Jobsite offers machines that produce architectural snap lock panels. The company offers the SL12/16 for 12-inch and 16-inch wide architectural snap lock panels and the RHC for 1-1/2-inch furring strip.

Knudson Manufacturing
Knudson machines provide superior and long lasting standing seam panels formed from high quality, coated metal. From residential snap lock profiles to the strength of industrial hidden clip profiles, the precision and attention to detail Knudson is known for is evident on every roof. The KR-24 is a portable standing seam panel manufacturing system for producing 1-1/2 inch and 2-inch profiles in widths from 12 to 24 inches. With its high-strength design and exceptional engineering, the KR-18B produces a UL 90 panel with structural strength as its No. 1 priority. The KR-16 creates a structural panel specifically designed for low slope roofs for commercial/industrial applications. The VP-21M/Varipan is as economical as it is profitable for manufacturing a variety of metal architectural and high slope roofing panels.

Marion Manufacturing
Made in the U.S.A. since 1979, Marion offers machines that run at speeds of 20 to 300  feet per minute, producing a high-profile four-rib and five-rib panel. The Kansas company offers machines to handle variable material gauges in various grades to include embossed materials. Custom panels are available to meet individual requirements.

The Schlebach Quadro-Plus can form nine roof panel profiles: 1-inch and 1-1/2-inch mechanical lock, snap lock, snap seam/nail strip and U-panel, plus a 2-inch structural mechanical lock. Other Schlebach models include the DSM roll former and FK mechanical lock for double seamed panels; and the Mini-Prof for 1-inch mechanical lock.

New Tech Machinery
Patented equipment includes four standing seam roof panel machines. The SSP can form multiple profiles with a variety of materials, from stainless steel to copper, in gauges from 22 to 30, and finished widths from 12 to 24 inches. The SSR MultiPro Jr. residential and the SSH MultiPro commercial/residential machines both run up to six profiles in variable widths, multiple gauges and various material types. The SSP MultiPro commercial machine can run 10 panel profiles.

Roll Former Corporation
Roll former touts its most versatile multi-profile machine, the VS-150 — it forms seven different profiles. The base model VS-150 comes complete with the capability to form U-panels to 1-1/2-inches and the 1-inch and 1-1/2-inch standing seam profile, hydraulic drive and shear, and infinitely adjustable width panels from 9-24 inches. The Pennsylvania company also offers optional die sets to form snap lock panels, Bermuda roof panels and true batten pan/cap profiles, all offered with a quick and easy changeover time.

Rutland offers the automatic PBR-R panel machine with 18 roll forming stations. It handles coil 45 inches wide for panels that are 43.25 inches wide.

Samco Machinery
Samco recently introduced its post-cut panel roll former, The Ironclad, with rafting option to make any panel profile. The rafting option comes with stackable rafts to save on floor space and allows for future growth and flexibility. The Ironclad has the ability to cut to any length at line speed and features simple changeover with profile-dedicated shearing blades. With the variable speed drive system, the operator has the ability to change the speed at any point during the roll forming process. It comes with the company’s length control system which allows the operator to change the length and order quantity on the fly.

Zimmerman Metals
The Z-Panel Form machine makes 1- and 1-1/2-inch mechanically seamed and 1- and 1-1/2-inch snap lock standing seam panels in any width from 12 to 24 inches. Zimmerman manufactures a residential and light commercial
Twin Pan forming machine for a 1-1/2-inch mechanical standing seam and 1-inch snap lock clipless panel in 12 to 15-inch width. A commercial Roof Panel machine makes a 1-3/4-inch snap lock or 2-inch mechanically seamed profile in variable widths from 12 to 24 inches.

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