Product Profile: Snow retention

Alpine SnowGuards
Alpine manufactures a comprehensive line of snow retention systems for every roof type on the market today. Alpine offers pad style that affix, clamp-to-seam or bolt to the roof and pipe style (1, 2 or 3 pipes) that clamp-to-seam or bolt through. The patented fastening technology guarantees a watertight penetration. Alpine SnowGuards also contribute points for those projects applying for LEED certification. Alpine’s in-house design, engineering and testing facilities allow for the creation of new products as part of Alpine’s mission to continually provide effective, economical solutions for sliding snow and ice.

Berger Building Products
Berger offers the most complete line of snow retention systems in the industry. Whether it’s for a commercial or residential roof, Berger snow retention systems are made in a wide variety of stamped patterns and ornamental castings. Berger manufacturers these systems in copper, stainless steel, bronze, galvanized iron and clear polycarbonate and offers free layout design and a copy of the company’s technical CD. Berger products mount directly to the seam or the surface panel and do not pierce or penetrate the panel, making installation a breeze. The Snow Rail is the only system to offer steel rail protection between/below the standing seams that can also accommodate 1-4 rails. No clips, no flags and all of these products can be color matched to your roof.

Bradco Supply
Regardless of the style, composition or slope of the roof, or whether it covers the family home or business, Bradco Supply has a snow guard to fit. Bradco carries snow guards made from copper, stainless steel, bronze, galvanized iron or clear polycarbonate, as well as in a wide variety of stamped patterns and ornamental casings.

Chem Link
SnowShoes snow guards help keep snow and ice on your pitched roof and reduce worries about personal injury and property damages. Molded from a tough polycarbonate polymer, SnowShoes can withstand heavy snow loads and are effective on many dissimilar materials: all metals, including Kynar 500 PVDF coated metal, Tedlar PVF, glass, aluminum, steel, masonry, PVC, FRP and acrylic. SnowShoes are bonded to the roof surface with DuraSil, a high performance, highly elastic, neutral cure silicone adhesive/sealant with low temperature flexibility and 50 percent joint movement. No screws or mechanical fasteners are ever required. SnowShoes measure 6 x 3-1/2 x 2 inches. They come in a Field Pack of 24 with DuraSil in every kit.

Dynamic Fastener
ColorGard mounts to standing seam panels with the patented S-5! clamp, so no holes are made in the panel. No glue is required and it installs in minutes, any time of year, with holding strength of up to six times that of other snow guards. The patented VersaBracket can be used with almost any face-fastened metal panel system. The ColorGard cross-member fastens to the VersaBracket with self-drilling screws. The SnoRail/SnoFence is available in aluminum, brass and stainless steel and can be installed on standing seam roofs using S-5! utility clamp.

East Coast Roof Specialties
Ice-Brakes metal snow guards are cast aluminum pad-style snow guards intended exclusively for metal roofing. Ice-Brakes are designed to prevent dangerous and destructive snow and ice avalanches by holding built-up snow in place. Ice-Brakes, available in two sizes, are installed directly to the pan of the roof panels without penetrations, using a high-quality adhesive. The unique hole pattern in the base allows adhesive to rise and form rivets to lock each Ice-Brake in place.

Follansbee Steel
Follansbee now offers Sno-Gem snow guards as part of its line of metal roofing products. Two Sno-Gem models are available from Follansbee. The original metal Sno-Gem provides a 3-1/2 -inch barrier, per unit, against snow and ice. The unit can also be turned 45 degrees on its axis to establish a 5-inch barrier and a diamond shaped appearance. The prismatic design creates multi-directional protection. The Half-Carat Sno-Gem provides a 3-inch barrier per unit and is designed with five, equally cut facets for a pristine appearance. Follansbee’s Sno-Gems are manufactured from Follansbee’s TCS II, an architectural stainless steel coated with Follansbee’s patented ZT (zinc/tin) alloy.

Glacier Snow Guard
Glacier Snow Guards protect snow from sliding off rooftops. Two sizes are available: Heavy Duty and the Mini.  The unique waffle tread allows superior bonding to the roofing surface. Glacier Snow Guards are made from UV resistant polycarbonate and are available in clear and custom colors.

Gough SnoGuards
Gough SnoGuards, for life safety and preventative maintenance, help keep snow from avalanching from your roof and protect pedestrians, roofs, gutters and landscaping. An original, traditional, strong snow guard used since 1930.

Ideal Roofing
The Ideal Guard, offered in 10 standard colors, can be installed on any type of roof. A galvanized steel one-inch diameter tube runs through galvanized G-90 steel brackets that are fastened to the roof with four 14×2 wood screws or steel screws and a lock barrier. Brackets are available with 1-4 holes for 1-4 tubes.

Levi’s Nails and Screws
The Pennsylvania company offers stainless steel snow guards, available in 21 powder coated colors to match metal roofing panels or shingles. Snow guards, also available in a mill finish, come with assembled EPDM rubber so there’s no need to caulk.

Polar Blox
The Pennsylvania company offers snow guards installed on the panel and on the standing seam. The Little Bear is a U-shaped guard that cups snow inside for more effective protection and is small enough to fit between the stiffening ribs on agricultural and corrugated panels. The company’s Universal Guards are designed for standing seam and corrugated roofing. The Standing Seam Guard has a bottom bar to hold back snow and ice, while an optional top bar holds back deeper snow.

Precision Snow-Guards
Avoid dangerous snow slides with Precision snow guards. With Snow-Guards you get an even distribution of snow weight on the roof and a longer life for gutters. The company’s clear plastic guards for metal are available in King or Queen. Both models are also offered in copper and stainless steel.

RainTrade Corporation
RainTrade offers the most extensive selection of snow guards for virtually every type of roof.  We have snow guards for metal, slate, asphalt and cedar shake roofs. RainTrade can provide a free custom layout for any application.

S-5! Solutions
The SnoRail/SnoFence snow retention systems for standing seam metal roofing provide clean lines, cylindrical shapes, and high-tech appearance to make it a favorite of architects and roof designers. The S-5! ColorGard system is the only product that utilizes the same factory applied finish as the roofing panels. S-5! clamps have been tested for load-to-failure on various panel seams. S-5! clamps can be installed any time of the year.

The new Colorbar System is an extruded aluminum bar with a 2-inch strip of metal that can be inserted into the face of the bar so it matches the metal roof. The 2-inch Kynar strip of metal is available in standard colors. The Colorbar System uses stainless steel clamps, available in the industry for more than 15 years, that do not penetrate the standing seam roof or use adhesives. With the same clamp, the traditional Snobar System can be used. It uses a 1×1-inch non-corrosive bar available in a mill finish or painted to match the roof.  The U-Bracket System is for exposed fastened metal roofs utilizes a 1×1-inch non-corrosive bar with stainless steel U-Brackets. All of systems are available with the optional ice stoppers.

The company offers polycarbonate snow guards that feature large, forward mounted faces to help prevent the dangerous movement of snow and ice on metal roofs. Products are field proven and professionally lab tested. Products allow for the choice of adhesive or mechanical attachment and six models to fit most panels and budgets. Snoblox/Snojax also offers free instant snow guard spacing layouts at

Minimize snow & ice slides on metal roofs with Sno-Gem snow guards. The Gems are manufactured from clear UV stabilized polycarbonate and copper, stainless steel, Galvalume, prefinished Kynar 500 metal and TCS for metal, slate and shingle roofs.

Sno Shield
Sno Shield offers attractive, functional and affordable snow guards for any roof. The Rib Guard is used for standing seam systems and does not penetrate the roof. The Panel Guard is used for all other roof types and can be mechanically fastened or applied adhesively. Color Armor are patent-pending snow guard covers that can be made from virtually any metal roofing material for a perfect and permanent match.

Snostop Plus is a clear polycarbonate snow guard that can be mechanically or adhesive mounted. Snostop Plus incorporates patent pending features not found in any other polycarbonate snow guard system. Unique to Snostop Plus is an “excess snow load breaker” feature that prevents potential snow load damage to a roof’s substructure plus an integrated heat-trace cable option. Snostop pre-engineered snow fence systems feature die cast aluminum brackets that handle up to 2,400 pounds of snow load per bracket and are mechanically fastened to structural roof elements for optimum integrity.

With so many roofing types and so many rib types it is hard to find the snow guard that makes the perfect fit. TRA-Mage provides custom brackets and fences to fit any roof or rib type. The Utah company can custom cut and manufacture snow fences designed by the project engineer or architect and engineer the system, as well as manufacture custom decorative snow retention devices.

Vent Protect
Vent Protect, made of tough polycarbonate with UV protection, withstands winter’s worst conditions. Its support arm is designed to “cut” sliding snow and ice and keep it from accumulating around vent pipes. The anchor foot is designed to break up snow and ice and direct it away from the vent pipe. Vent Protect is easily installed with Everseal SB190 adhesive or can be attached with roofing screws and an adequate sealant. Sno Pro I and Sno Pro II snow guards are perhaps the toughest on the market today. The Sno Pro II features double ribs to make them virtually indestructible. The base of the snow guards has a waffled pattern for better adhesion. Pricing is very competitive for these extremely heavy-duty snow guards.

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