Product Profile: Snow Retention ’11

Alpine SnowGuards
Alpine SnowGuards manufactures more than 60 models of snow retention devices in both pad-style and pipe and bracket systems for every type of roof. Product designs evolved from decades of hands-on knowledge of roofing materials and their applications. Alpine has served snow retention needs from common to custom in commercial, industrial and residential roofing since 1992. The company provides simple solutions to the most complex roof snow-related problems. Made in USA from Recycled Materials. HUBZone Certified.

The SnowGuard is manufactured from clear polycarbonate resin with UV stabilizers, properties that make the SnowGuard virtually unbreakable. It can be attached either mechanically or with adhesive and can be installed on most sloped surfaces for various snow retention needs. Pricing and quantity discounts available.

AMSI Supply
AMSI distributes the full line of S-5! ColorGard snow retention systems. The S-5! System utilizes S-5! Clamps to ensure sturdy, reliable mounting of the ColorGard snow retention on virtually any metal roof panel profile. With your specific project information, they can design a snow retention system that will meet or exceed your requirements. The S-5! System is constructed of high quality aluminum and utilizes stainless steel fasteners.

Berger Building Products, Inc.
Berger offers a variety of snow retention products for metal roofing applications. Styles include both rail systems and individual snow guards for standing seams or surface panels. Choose from copper, cast aluminum and UV resistant polycarbonate designs.

Dynamic Fastener
Dynamic Fastener offers ColorGard. It mounts to standing seam panels with the patented S-5! clamp: no holes in the panel, no glue. Installs in minutes anytime of year, with the holding strength of up to six times that of other snow guards tested. The patented VersaBracket can be used with almost any face-fastened metal panel system. The ColorGard cross-member fastens to the VersaBracket with self-drilling screws. Also available: SnoRail/SnoFence in aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Installed on standing seam roofs using S-5 utility clamp.

East Coast Roof Specialties
Ice Brakes metal snow guards are cast aluminum pad-style snow guards intended exclusively for metal roofing and designed to help prevent dangerous and destructive snow and ice avalanches by holding built-up snow in place. Ice-Brakes come in 19 stock colors as well as bare bronze and bare aluminum mill finishes. All stock colors complement a wide majority of the colors metal roof manufacturers are offering and are available for immediate shipment.

IceBreaker is a heated gutter guard that installs on existing gutters for keeping out leaves, pine needles and even roof sand grit. IceBreaker has a built-in, self-regulating heat cable that warms up its aluminum profile for melting icicles, snow loads and ice dams in and on rain gutter systems around the home. IceBreaker also eliminates the need for cleaning out your gutters.

Hot Edge, Inc.
HotEdge manufactures patent-pending roof ice build-up prevention systems for most roof types, new or existing. HotEdge Rails are a low cost, energy efficient and effective product available to prevent ice dam and icicle formations where they form, at the roof edges. HotValley and HotSeam prevent ice dam formations on all problematic areas on a roof structure, i.e. roof valleys, drip lines below dormers, etc. All products are easy to install and architecturally pleasing.

Levi’s Nails & Screws
The Snow Defender 4500 from Levi’s Nails and Screws has a patented design with a rubber sealer that eliminates smeary caulk. It is powder coated and available in more than 30 colors to match any roof.

LMCurbs offers the industry leading S-5! ColorGard, SnoRail and SnoFence systems. For standing seam roof applications, these systems mechanically attach to the roof panel. All of the components are mill-finished aluminum or stainless steel (brass is also an option). The ColorGard system uses a bar with space to insert color strips — effectively allowing for color matching the roof.

Polar Blox
Polar Blox manufactures five models of polycarbonate snow guards, which are UV protected. Universal Guards and Minor Rib Guards can be adhesive mounted or mechanically fastened; Slate and Shingle Guards can be used on retrofit or new construction; and Standing Seam Guards clamp on to the standing seam. “The Little Bear” works on corrugated panels to fit in between 9-inch and 12-inch ribs. Polar Blox has snow guards to fit almost any panel profile available on the market.

S-5! Solutions
The patented S-5! clamps make the ColorGard snow retention system the strongest and most efficient solution for almost any metal roof profile, including standing seam, exposed-fastened and corrugated. S-5! clamps make attachment of a ColorGard system quick and easy, providing unprecedented holding strength without compromising the roof’s weather-tightness warranties. The perfect color-match of ColorGard also ensures your snow retention system will always look great and will last as long as your roof.

Snobar, the first in the industry with a patented clamp system to keep snow and ice from sliding off standing seam roofs, has come up with an “RCB” bracket that attaches to the company’s 1×1-inch bar or ColorBar to the new one piece RoofClamps. With this new product, Snobar is able to easily attach the system on “T” and bulb shaped roof panels. These products can be painted to match the roof or slide a color strip into the face of the ColorBar.

Polycarbonate snow guards from SnoBlox-Snojax feature large, forward mounted faces that help prevent the dangerous movement of snow and ice on metal roofs. Products are field proven and professionally lab tested. Customers have a choice of adhesive or mechanical attachment and there are many models available to fit most panels and budgets. SnoBlox-Snojax provides free, instant, snow guard spacing layouts online.


Since 1996, SnoStop fence-style snow guards have been installed on thousands of commercial and residential roofs of every style. Every SnoStop system is custom designed to meet snow load calculations with a 2:1 safety factor in order to withstand extreme snow conditions. SnoStop Plus was introduced in 2010 as the only plastic snow guard with a heat cable option. It is engineered to withstand 1,000 pounds of pressure.

Snowgrip is the first of its kind snow retention coating with a US patent and a patent pending in Canada. The system provides a uniform distribution of special course, sharp and durable aggregate held in place by a cured top quality elastomeric coating. Field- or shop-apply in a new clear color, a white reflective coating or colors. Full coverage Snowgrip has eliminated 100 percent of sliding snow discharge.

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