Product Profile: Roofing Software ’10

AccuLynx tracks, regenerates, searches and sorts customers by numerous characteristics such as location, date assignments, progress status and even the marketing technique used to retrieve that customer. The AccuLynx estimating module allows the user the ability to create an estimate in an informative and professional manner while simultaneously presenting the estimator with a profit analysis of the items chosen.

AppliCad’s focus is to estimate metal roofing fast and accurate. To accurately estimate a metal roof first you must be able to accurately model it. AppliCad has the only full function true 3D modeling tools in the industry that allow you to complete any roof shape — quickly and precisely. AppliCad has all the tools built in to check that the model is correct — no competitor comes close to such a complete process for all metal roofing take-offs, order forms and client proposals.

EagleView Technologies
EagleView offers a solar 3D roofing report to calculate solar exposure, roof square footage and panel placement by utilizing extremely accurate measurements for pitch, square and lineal footage. Ideal for solar installations on metal roofs, this detailed, accurate 3D image of the building allows EagleView to generate diagrams such as rafter lengths, grid layout, solar orientation and azimuth offering an excellent tool for contractors to increase profitability and performance.

TopView ME professional roofing software allows roofers to create sophisticated roof models for virtually any type of sloped roof. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, customizable database and professional estimation integration, TopView saves time while capturing every detail. Improved performance and seamless integration with external applications produce extremely accurate estimates for metal, tile, shingles, and any other sloped-roofing material. MR

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