Product Profile: Underlayment ’10

Alpha Pro Tech
Rex SynFelt is a high-strength woven fabric that is 20 times stronger, 10 times lighter and 33 percent wider than 30-pound felt. Rex SynFelt can be left exposed for six months with no degradation. The light grey surface reduces working temperatures by as much as 10-12 percent.

ATAS International
ATAS offers two different underlayment systems for metal roofing. ATA-Guard is a polyolefin based, 100 percent asphalt free, high-strength underlayment with a slip-resistant surface designed for use on steep sloped roofs as an alternative replacement for traditional roofing felt. ATA-Shield is a 45 mil think, slip resistant synthetic polymer surfaced, self-adhering underlayment designed specifically for use under metal roofing. This membrane is well suited for use where a water resistant barrier and heat resistance are required.

Atlas Roofing
Gorilla Guard shingle underlayment is a tough, high-performance, glass reinforced organic felt underlayment for steep roof applications. This underlayment out-performs typical organic felt — stands up to high-winds and foot traffic. Gorilla Guard is an essential part of the Atlas Signature Select Roofing System. Gorilla Guard is designed to lie flat and is highly resistant to wrinkling. Conveniently packaged in 4-square rolls, making installation time faster, saving labor costs.

Berger Building Products
Lighter, stronger, better. Pro-Master Roof Shield UDL and UDL Plus are high-performance synthetic roofing underlayments recommended for most sloped roof applications. Offered in two protective coatings for superior foot traction, both are lighter and stronger than traditional roofing underlayments and comparable synthetics. Once installed, Pro-Master Roof Shield UDL and UDL Plus can be left exposed for up to one year before roofing is installed. In addition, Pro-Master is backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

Carlisle Residential
Carlisle Residential manufactures Water and Ice Protection 300HT, a self-adhering underlayment developed specifically for use under metal surfaces. CCW WIP 300HT is a 40-mil, high tensile strength, rubberized asphalt underlayment designed to withstand temperatures up to 240 degrees. WIP 300HT also features a skid-resistant top surface, providing safe and easy installation.

Derived from recycled tire crumb rubber, StrongSeal contains an extremely high percentage of post-consumer recycled material and is 100 percent recyclable. It is asphalt free and delivers exceptional waterproofing performance over traditional asphalt based products. Its one-year exposure, high-temperature resistance and low-temperature flexibility make StrongSeal easy to install in a wide variety of construction conditions.

RoofLiner is a lightweight, premium synthetic roofing underlayment scientifically engineered to provide excellent protection against leaks. It offers a Class A Fire Rating, a limited 30-year product warranty and enhanced durability and tear resistance. RoofLiner is made with Elvaloy AC copolymer and is engineered for use with all types of roof coverings identified by ICC-ES AC 48, section 3.0, including metal tiles, standing seam metal panels or corrugated metal roofing. RoofLiner has been approved for use under Florida building codes and is designed for use on sloped (greater than or equal to 2:12) residential and commercial roofs. Each roll is 48 inches wide by 250 feet long, equivalent to about five rolls of 30-pound roofing felt.

Firestone Building Products
Clad-Gard premium metal roofing underlayment provides an ideal moisture barrier between the roof deck and the adjacent metal system. Providing a skid-resistant surface, nail re-sealability, high-temperature resistance, corrosion protection, weatherproofing during installation and more, Clad-Gard is a smart way to protect any metal roofing investment. The newly released underlayment is available in two forms — Clad-Gard SA, a self adhered, non-reinforced, rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane, and Clad-Gard MA, a mechanically attached synthetic roofing membrane ideal for use in slopes steeper than 5:12. Clad-Gard SA is water and fire resistant and can be applied directly to Firestone ISO 95+TM GL, Firestone Isogard HD, Firestone Resista Polyiso, Firestone HailGard Composite, OSB and plywood substrates.

The Garland Company
The HPR Aqua Shield self-adhering underlayment provides ice and water protection for a wide range of high- and low- slope roofing systems including metal, shingle, tile and slate roofs. It’s ideal for lining parapets, coping, caps, valleys, eaves, ridges, rakes and hips.

Grace Construction Products
Grace Ice & Water Shield self-adhered roofing underlayment is easy to apply, seals around nails, provides dual barrier protection, has a slip-resistant surface and protects under all sloped roof coverings. Tri-Flex Xtreme is a synthetic roofing underlayment featuring Traction XT Skid Resistant Technology. The coating helps boots grip the surface when wet or dry. Tri-Flex Xtreme can be exposed to the elements for up to six months without rotting, cracking or drying out.

Henry Company

For use under architectural metals, shingles or tile, Blueskin PE 200 HT high-temperature underlayment is made of a styrene butadiene styrene compound with a high softening point. It’s self-sealing when punctured by mechanical fasteners. Fully adhered systems prevent lateral moisture migration. Other features include a slip-resistant surface and a heel puncture-resistant film. Its non-granular surface eliminates risk of damage to architectural metal finishes during application. 

Titanium synthetic roofing underlayments are highly engineered and offer unrivaled performance and premium protection. The new Titanium UDL-25 Plus has all the features you expect from Titanium, including the unique Sure-Grip ridged walking surface plus the new Diamond-Plate slip-resistant coating technology. Titanium UDL-30 now offers easier installation under metal roofing with the use of 3/8 x 1 inch (or longer) roofing nails. With this revolutionary technology, UDL-30 and UDL-50 are now treated with a unique slip resistant coating technology for better walk-ability on sloped roofs. The PSU-30 peel and stick product has a convenient self-sealing lap system to provide extra protection of asphalt-to-asphalt bonding.

JNJ Building & Metal Supplies
JNJ supplies Roofers’ Choice synthetic felt, Grace Ice & Water Shield, Guardian Shield, 30-pound ASTM felt, standard 30-pound felt and standard 15-pound felt.

Kirsch Building Products
Developed by a roofer, for roofers, patented Sharkskin underlayments have been engineered to exceed industry standards for long-term moisture protection and durability for all steep-slope applications. Specifically manufactured for metal roofing, Ultra and Ultra SA offer 12-month UV exposure and are designed for the high temperatures applications common under metal roofing. Ultra and Sharkskin Comp can be installed with 3/8-inch standard roofing nails, so no plastic caps are required. Ultra SA is like no other self-adhered, high strength, synthetic underlayment on the market, utilizing a no VOC, high-strength ultra-bond adhesive. Engineered to eliminate the drawbacks associated with traditional asphalt based peel-and-stick underlayments and along with Ultra comprise the only Miami/Dade tested synthetic anchor sheet/self-adhered system available on the market today.

Enkamat 7010, by Colbond, is the green choice for ballasted and metal roofing applications. Consisting of continuous nylon filaments fused at their intersections, Enkamat provides excellent durability and is easy to install. The unique filament structure reduces roof noise from rain or sleet up to 21 dB. Enkamat’s recycled nylon material serves as a thermal break, creating a temperature difference of up to 22 degrees between the roof surface and the sheathing or substrate.

MFM Building Products
MFM Wind & Water Seal and Premium Wind & Water Seal are engineered to be used under all roofing materials, but its tough non-slip polymer surface and advanced rubberized asphalt adhesive are formulated to work in higher temperatures applications with metal roofing. These advanced underlayments, bond to the substrate, seal around nails, screws and other fasteners.

Nemco Industries Inc.
RoofAquaGuard brings new European roofing underlayment technology to the North American market. The company manufactures proven, easy to apply, synthetic underlayments for all sloped roofing applications, which come with a 25-year warranty. Nemco offers lightweight peel-and-stick membranes for tile and metal roofing called MT, as well as all-purpose mechanically fastened, multi-layer underlayments called UDLX, which incorporate high friction top layer components, adding required installer safety. Condensation and moisture are worldwide problems in modern construction. The problems in Europe were resolved with breathable underlayments, which are now widely used in both metal and tile roofing applications. Brea is a four-layer strong and highly breathable microporous roofing underlayment with a water vapor permeance of 146 perms and comes in easily handled, 5×164 foot rolls.

Opus Roof Blanket
Opus Roof Blanket is a new category of steep-slope roofing underlayment that uses proprietary “blanket technology.” With numerous advantages for metal roofing contractors, it has the best walking traction in the industry, wet or dry, according to independent tests. It also provides a second layer of protection against moisture and UV degradation. And, the tan color allows snapping a chalk line or writing on the surface.

Perma “R” Products
PermaFeltGold and PermaFeltSilver are nail-down synthetic roofing felts that deliver exceptional weather barrier performance compared to traditional asphalt products and other synthetic underlayments. They are coated on both sides with a proprietary rubberized polyolefin slip-resistant coating offering an unsurpassed level of slide resistance. The PermaFelt product line is available in both 10 square and 4 square roll sizes and can be custom printed with a customer logo.

Polyglass USA
Polystick MTS is a waterproofing membrane used as an underlayment for metal roofing and has been specially formulated to be high temperature resistant up to 265 degrees. Manufactured by Polyglass USA using patented Adeso dual-compound self-adhesive technology featuring a polymer modified asphalt compound applied on the top layer and an aggressive self-adhesive compound applied on the bottom layer, Polystick MTS exhibits superior tensile strength, thermal stability and has an approved exposure rating to 180 days.

Protecto Wrap
Jiffy Seal Ice & Water Guard HT is a new high performance self-adhering roof underlayment. Jiffy Seal Ice & Water Guard HT protects roofs from leaks caused by ice dams and wind blown rain. Jiffy Seal is available in two versions: a high performance recycled butyl-hybrid adhesive or an even stronger recycled 100 percent butyl adhesive. Jiffy Seal butyl’s unique construction of proprietary slip resistant film on one side with a layer of high resistant butyl adhesive creates an underlayment acceptable for high altitude applications, extreme temperatures and highly conductive roofs. Jiffy Seal utilizes Protecto Wraptor tri-layer engineered film. The top layer consists of a proprietary anti-slip walk surface providing additional safety footing and a first layer of UV protection. The mid layer consists of a proprietary high-strength engineered reinforcement layer that provides puncture and tensile strength while maintaining conformability from membrane to substrate while adding a second layer of UV protection. The bottom layer consists of a proprietary waterproof tie-in layer that adds additional bond strength to the adhesive and a third layer of UV protection. Both Jiffy Seal Ice & Water Guard HT underlayments maintain a full 12 month UV exposure.

SDP Advanced Polymer Products
Palisade Synthetic and Palisade-SA-HT self-adhered roofing underlayments feature the patented Stronghold best-in-class wet/dusty surface skid resistant technology and Kool Blue low heat absorption (eight times cooler than felt), low glare technology. Palisade is 50 times stronger and seven times lighter than felt. Palisade-SA-HT is ASTM D-1970, 250 degrees continuous high temperature rated. Both products are six months UV/wind/rain exposure. Build green with Palisade.

TAMKO Building Products

TW Metal and Tile underlayment is a flexible, fiberglass reinforced, self-adhering rubberized asphalt sheet membrane with a polymer film on the surface and a split removable treated released film on the adhesive side for fast, easy installation. It is well suited for use as an underlayment where prevention of water penetration is required prior to installation of a metal roof system or mechanically fastened tile roof system. It also provides secondary protection against water penetration after installation of a metal roof system.

For metal roofing applications, Tarco offers four different underlayment products. EasyLay is a nailable asphalt-saturated polyester product (left); PS200HT and PS200MU are glass-fiber reinforced, self-adhering products topped a polyester fabric and nonabrasive polyolefinic film, respectively (middle); and NR500HT is a premium 40 mil (1 mm) thick, non-reinforced, self-adhering underlayment with an upper surface of cross-laminated polyethylene-based Valeron film (right). Each has distinct handling and performance characteristics with regard to walkability, temperature resistance and strength.

Underlayment Specialties Plus
A high-performance product specifically designed with the contractor in mind, RoofTopGuard II is a “quality-first,” and “safety-first” product leading the way in organic felt replacement in the roofing industry. RoofTopGuard II has 30-plus years of experience in field application and meets or exceeds all national building code standards and requirements. RoofTopGuard II is ideal under all types of roofing, including metal, asphalt shingles, shake, slate, synthetics and copper. It is highly ski resistant, lightweight, contains no asphalt materials and is very safe to use.

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