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Top off buildings with style by adding an Ag-Co cupola. The company’s cupolas are designed of durable, high-density polyethylene that is UV inhibited and will never rust or decay. Cupolas are maintenance free and retain the quality of their original appearance for a lifetime. They combine the rigidity of polyethylene with the convenience of lightweight construction for quick and easy installation. Good ventilation is critical for the structural integrity of roofs of all types. Ag-Co cupolas are designed to provide excellent ventilation while enhancing the building appearance. With any combination of numerous complementary colors, Licensed University, John Deere and International Harvester (Farmall) cupolas, the two-piece construction allows the builder to coordinate a cupola design that best accents the building and the customers’ tastes. Sizes range from 12 to 42 inches, ensuring a well-proportioned fit.

Air Vent
The SolarCool roof-mounted solar power attic fan is designed with a tempered glass solar panel mounted on a bracket directly onto the dome. The bracket is adjustable so the panel can be tilted up or rotated for maximum sun exposure. New design allows for installation from the outside.

Atlas Bolt & Screw
Versa Vent ridge vent material is applied to the ridge cap while on the ground so no chalk lines, sealants or clips are required. One continuous strip of glue keeps material in place during installation. Versa Vent passes the 110 mph wind driven rain test using TAS100 “A” Dade County protocol.

Atlas Roofing
CrossVent is designed using thermally efficient HCFC-free polyiso insulation with vent strips of 1 inch, 1-1/2-inch, or 2 inches, separating 7/16-inch APA/TECO-rated OSB from polyiso rigid insulation. The design creates cross ventilation over sloped unventilated roof decks, allowing for maximum heat dissipation.

Berger Building Products
Pro-Master ridge vent is manufactured with natural fibers that form a durable and cost-effective product that helps decrease cooling/heating costs and promotes healthy, more breathable air. AccuVent attic ventilation baffler is a non-porous 100 percent recycled PVC, which does not allow air penetration into fibrous or blown insulation. The company’s soffits, fascia and accessories stand up to the toughest weather conditions and provide proper ventilation to prevent damaging moisture accumulation.

Blocksom & Company
Roof Saver is a continuous ridge vent system designed for cap-and closure installation on metal roofs. Roof Saver provides 15.2 square inches of NFA per installed foot and is available in 20- or 50-foot roll lengths in the 10.5-inch width and 20-foot roll lengths in 8-1/2- or 7-inch widths. It meets or exceeds the attic ventilation requirements of all nationally recognized building codes and holds a UL Class A fire rating.

Closure Vent
Closure Vent is a totally concealed, self-adhesive and easy-to-install ventilation system for farm, commercial, industrial and residential application.

V-600TE and V-400E ridge vents are the choice of quality buildings nationwide. With more than 30 years of job-proven experience, Cor-A-Vent knows

Cornell Corporation
Vent-Top ThermaCal ventilated roof insulation combines isocyanurate or XPS foam with a standard 1-inch airspace (larger airspaces available) and sheathing to create a 4-foot by 8-foot nominal panel that provides both roof insulation and sheathing ventilation to cool a roof in summer and retard ice dams in winter. The solid wood spacers configured for maximum roof ventilation.

DCI Products
SmartVent is a multi-purpose system for intake and off-ridge ventilation, while FasciaVent is a system for intake in low-slope and flat roof applications. SmartRidge is a two-sided weatherproof ridge vent and patented one-sided ridge vents create clean rooflines.

Double L Group
Jet ventilation TopJet air inlets direct outside air into a building toward the ceiling to mix with the warm air. It helps create uniform building temperatures and reduces or eliminates chilling drafts. TopJet air inlets operate automatically from the natural static pressure created by exhaust fans.

Attic Guard attic ventilation at the ridge of a roof removes hot, moist air. Made of natural fiber materials, the product meets or exceeds the attic ventilation requirements of all nationally recognized building codes while carrying a UL Class A Fire Rating.

GBC Millwork Inc.
GBC offers a wide variety of cupolas: open louver for ventilation styles; designs with glass towers; and maintenance-free Azek brand; cupolas with standing seam roofs of colored aluminum and copper (natural and lead-coated), any custom cupola produced for residential and commercial use; as well as copper weathervanes and finials.

Hi Pro International
Fire and Smoke vents are self contained, independently operated, and ruggedly built to satisfy the most rigid fire and smoke venting specifications. Fire and Smoke vents can have either single or double acrylic domed or aluminum lids. The company’s Thermal Safety venting units assure positive automatic opening when emergency venting is called for.

Hunter Panels
Developed to simultaneously provide thermal insulation and increased air circulation, Cool-Vent is acceptable for use under metal, shingle, slate and tile roof systems and is ideal for roofs with a slope greater than 3:12. Cool-Vent is a three-part product consisting of a 4-foot by 8-foot polyisocyanurate foam insulation, a middle layer of wood spacers and a top layer of 4-foot by 8-foot APA/TECO-rated OSB or plywood.

Ideal Building Fasteners
Posi-Vent is a universal venting closure for the passive ventilation of metal roofing under the ridge cap. It features a universal fit conforming to most metal panels. The front edge has a unique seal to inhibit water from wind-driven rain infiltrating the interior. Posi-Vent has a net free area of 16 square inches per lineal foot on the ridge and air permeability rating of 760 cubic feet per minute.

Ideal Roofing
Ideal Roofing’s state of the art roll formed ridge vent now has a new fiberglass filter. It prevents any possible blowing rain or snow in high wind areas from going through and still allows the flow of warm air to escape from the attic. Ideal Roofing’s roll formed ridge vent comes in 30 colors and can be installed on steel or asphalt shingle roofs.

Klauer Manufacturing
The Roofline Ridgolator IV has a lightweight, durable design. Its net free air space is nearly double other similar products in the same price range. Available in 24 colors, it is bird-proof and has a low profile.

Leland Industries 
The Master Ridge Vent is the rolled roof ridge exhaust venting system for residential, commercial and post-frame metal roofs. The Master Vented Closure is superior roof ridge venting, easily cut with a knife or scissors. It features a glue bead to hold the ventilation in position and is resistant to weathering, chemicals, ozone and fire, and is a UV stabilizer.

Marco Industries
The Weather-Tite Ridge Vent is metal building ventilation designed for ease of installation and long-term results. It features die-cut closures that can be ordered to fit more than 400 different profiles. The M63 adhesive can be added for permanent adhesion to metal panels.

The Hi-Perf Vented Fascia eliminates the need for wood blocking and vented soffits, reducing costly and inconsistent field labor. The metal construction eliminates wavy, untrue fascia board. The Hi-Perf Ridge Vent provides a flexible exhaust system for the air at the ridge. It’s designed to meet the airflow requirements for net free air per linear foot as determined by the vented roof deck system and eave condition.

Metro Roofing Products
SmartVents are formed from Metro-Shake II, Shingle or Tile panels incorporating baffled attic ventilation. SmartVents are made with the same long-life steel and stone-coating as Metro Panels. It creates a single, functional unit that integrates perfectly with the surrounding roof panels.

MWI Components
The company offers three models of low profile ridge vents — the RV35, the RV25, and the RV100. The largest is the RV35, which has 2.5 square feet of free area. The newest innovation is the Uni-Vent II, a flexible venting material mounted under the ridge cap. It will conform to almost any roofing profile.

New Concept Louvers
New Concept is a manufacturer of virtually maintenance free cupolas and louvers that come in most shapes, sizes and almost 500 colors. Cupolas are perfect when used for ventilation. Windowed models add a beautiful touch to finish any roofline and can be ordered with a light kit and finial or weather vane to top it off. We also offer Dormer Vents, gable end, and soffit Louvers to help you get that air flow your roof requires. Products come in both stock and custom sizes.

Roll Former
The manufacturer of standing seam roll formers has two ventilation system products. Its SOF 12/16 machine produces an adjustable 12- and 16-inch residential soffit panel with hydraulic drive and shear, adjustable perforation stage, and full automatic digital controller. Roll Former also produces a Stand-Alone Perforation Machine.

Sealtite Building Fasteners
MultiVent allows for a free airflow for proper attic ventilation. A special convoluted surface allows MultiVent to conform easily to virtually any panel profile and install easily with adhesive backed peel and stick strips.

Tallant Industries
Ridgeline is a multi-purpose plastic ridge vent. Ridgeline raises the ridge cap only 3/4 inches, but its design provides continuous airflow through the attic and contains internal baffles that can be removed for other applications.

Trimline Building Products
The Trimline Ridge Vent for metal roofs is manufactured of corrosion-free, laminated high-density polyethylene corrugated plastic, offering a net free area of 13 inches (330 cm) per lineal foot. It measures 3 inches (76 mm) wide by 4 feet (1.2 m) long by 5/8 inch (15.9 mm) high and is available in 8-foot fold out sections with an easy-attach adhesive placement to fits with foam or metal closure system to fit any type of metal roof. The low profile design makes Trimline vents virtually invisible underneath any ridge cap.

TRA Roof Accessories
FlexVent has been tested and approved by ICC, ESR-1787. It passed the Dade County wind driven rain test (PA 100(A)-95) and the ICC dust test (AC 132).  FlexVent is highly durable, weather resistant and flexible, providing maximum formability and long-term functionality. In locations where summer temperatures can reach 120 degrees and winter temperatures can drop to -20 degrees, the right roofing ventilation system is an important factor in conservation of energy and living quality.

ProfileVent is an attic ventilation system that has the metal roofing panel profile cut into the surface. It is a single-layer ridge vent on a roll, strong, durable, modified polyester, non-woven, non-wicking, fiber-based matting designed specifically for metal roofs. The low profile provides curb appeal with a proven ventilation performance for the life of the roof. Working at optimum performance with varied roof pitches from 2:12 to 20:12, the product is custom cut to fit the individual panel profile.

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  1. ammon albrecht

    iam looking for the company with the uni-vent ll a flexablie venting material mounted underneath the ridge cap could you provide me with a web site or a phone number thank you Ammon Albrecht also your metal roofing buyers guild what is the cost on the magazine

  2. Jim Austin

    I think Atlas Bolt & Screw (listed above) has what you’re looking for.

    Atlas Bolt & Screw
    Versa Vent ridge vent material is applied to the ridge cap while on the ground so no chalk lines, sealants or clips are required. One continuous strip of glue keeps material in place during installation. Versa Vent passes the 110 mph wind driven rain test using TAS100 “A” Dade County protocol.

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