Residential Re-Roofing ’09: Metal seals up roof

Nothing makes a roofer’s phone ring quicker than a leaky roof, especially when the leaks are “throughout the roof.”

Paul Rich Roofing of Phoenix received a phone call about a leaking residential roof, but it was no ordinary roof. It contained multiple plains, angles, directions — and potential problems. “It was a lot of guys putting their heads together,” says Stephen Ramirez of Paul Rich Roofing. “I don’t think there is a roof anywhere that is identical to this one.”

The home’s lightweight concrete Bermuda style roof was leaking and, according to Ramirez, almost impossible to repair because of the material and because the roof was so complicated.
“With concrete tile and all those plains, it was very difficult to make the trim at the ridges fit properly,” he says. “With metal roofing, we were able to adjust the ridge caps and hip caps to fit.”

It was a complete custom job. Ramirez says the homeowner owns several commercial properties in the Phoenix area, so was very familiar with the versatility and endurance of metal roofing. The 1-3/4-inch Vertical Seam panel from the Metal Sales Manufacturing branch in Fontana, Calif., was selected for this project — approximately 9,000 square feet of Copper Penny.

The project took about six weeks and included a deck replacement and cladding of a porch and some doors. The peel-and-stick underlayment was doubled up in the valley areas.

Ramirez says the homeowner is quite happy with the watertight roof. “The look he wanted is what he got,” he says. “Overall, he’s very satisfied and happy. I don’t think he could have achieved that look with any other kind of material.”

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