Residential Re-Roofing ’09: Wind tested

The educated customers are the best to deal with.

When Hurricane Ike found its way into Texas last September, it showed little mercy. Cody Miller of Green Star Roofing in Houston saw firsthand the extensive damage in and around Houston. One particular residential area in La Porte, Texas (located southwest of Houston less than 10 miles from the coast) incurred a lot of damage. “All of the homes in this neighborhood were about 7-8 years old,” Miller says. “Nice neighborhood, nice homes, all with 3-tab asphalt shingles. Homeowners evacuated during Ike and when they returned, they found their neighborhood in complete disarray. Almost all of the roofing blew off and the plywood was showing.”

Upon returning home, one LaPorte resident contacted Green Star Roofing, an MRA contractor member. Miller says he saw ads for Green Star and its SteelRock Roof Products before the storm — ads that boast a wind warranty of 120 mph.
“They lost all their belongings, everything in their house was destroyed,” Miller says. “That’s a lot of heartache.”

The roofing system was completely installed about a month after the storm, but the family couldn’t move back into their home for more than eight months as repairs were completed. The family was put up in a FEMA trailer.

The homeowner wanted to make sure this would never happen to his home and family again. “Our SteelRock system has some of the best wind ratings available because of our unique fastening system,” Miller says. “We don’t use a vertical fastener that can pull out, we use a horizontal fastener that goes through the nose of the panel to provide a high wind rating.”

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