Residential Re-Roofing 2010: Beauty and watertightness

The folks at Schmidt Siding and Windows in Mankato, Minn., only offer products they believe in, so they have to be top quality products. Jim Hoeckert says Schmidt has been selling and installing metal roofing for about five years, installing eight jobs the first year and almost 50 in 2009.

Aesthetics is a big seller for the roofing products Schmidt Siding and Windows has on display in its showroom — and they’re only metal roofing products. The recent paint innovation by Edco Products to its line of Arrowline has been an attractive choice. Edco enhances its original shake and slate panels with lighter and darker tones that complement the base color.

“And this year, all of Edco’s colors qualify for the tax credit,” Hoeckert says. “That has driven sales for us.”

Problem: The homeowners of this log home chose a standing seam roof when it was built in the 1980s because they never wanted to re-roof. Eventually, they had some paint issues around skylights — rust stains, some scratches — and tried to touch up the paint. The end results weren’t good. The standing seam roof also had some oil canning issues the homeowner didn’t like.

They still wanted to go with a metal roof — because they never wanted to re-roof. They appreciated the durability of metal, but wanted a different look.

Options: Hoeckert presented a couple of options: stone-coated metal shingles from Gerard and the Enhanced Shake from Edco Products. Up until that point, Schmidt Siding and Window had only installed Edco’s “Enhanced” roofing on one home.

Selling Point: The homeowners were still interested in having the Minnesota winter snow slide off their roof, so they opted for the Enhanced Shake.

“When the homeowners saw the brochure, they fell in love with it,” Hoeckert says. “They also liked the four-way locking system, top and bottom, side to side, and the wind warranty. We screw down everything so people are just comfortable with it. They know it will be the last roof they install.”

The Enhanced Shake in Hartford Green was not too different from the original standing seam roof, but a little more eye-catching.

Hoeckert said after tearing off the standing seam roofing, Schmidt installed Interwrap’s Titanium synthetic underlayment and proceeded with the installation of the Enhanced Shake.
(Even though the manufacturers do not require it, when installing metal shingles over a single layer of asphalt shingles, Schmidt will use Titanium so granules from the shingles will not scratch the back of the metal roofing when it expands and contracts.)

To make sure all the details were watertight, Schmidt Siding and Roofing purchased a special saw that allowed its crew to flash into the logs. “Metal takes longer to install than simple asphalt shingles,” Hoeckert says. “But doing it right is worth it. These people know their roof is up there and they can forget about it.”

Verdict: Hoeckert says the homeowners are “ecstatic” with their new roof. Hoeckert says during the installation, one of his foremen fell in love with the product, took a bunch of photos and put together his own photo book to show off the job. Sounds like another job.

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