Residential Re-Roofing 2010: Benefits of membership

The benefits of membership equal roofing leads. As a member of the Metal Roofing Alliance, Lifetime Shingles receives leads from its manufacturer through the MRA website.

Metro Roof Products, a manufacturer of stone-coated steel roofing shingles, turns the leads over to its MRA contractor members, like Wayne Stanek at Lifetime, with offices in Chili Wis., and Cottage Grove, Minn.

Lifetime Shingles has been installing Metro’s stone-coated metal shingles, shakes and tiles for about 12 years on a variety of projects, including residential, commercial and churches. The MRA targets residential customers with its online (, public relations and advertising campaigns.

Installers like Stanek reap the benefits of MRA labor, like this central Wisconsin residential re-roofing project.

Problem: The homeowners were concerned about the curling, cracking asphalt shingles that were about 10 years old, installed a year before they moved in. With the addition of gutters to the home the previous summer, ice damming also became an issue on the backside (north side) of the home. Melting snow froze in the gutter and on the eaves, blocking water from getting off the roof and seeping under the asphalt shingles and into the home.

Stanek says the homeowner missed the last quarter of the Super Bowl shoveling snow off the roof and chipping away at ice on the roof and in the gutters because there was water running down a bedroom wall on the inside of the home.

“Whoever installed the asphalt shingles did not include any ventilation at the ridge,” Stanek says. “That’s just asking for trouble, especially here in Wisconsin. We would have used the Metro Smart Vents but this house had cathedral ceilings so we had to ridge vent it.”

Options: Surprised by the short life of the asphalt shingles, the homeowners investigated other opportunities and found the MRA website. Stanek ended up with the lead from Metro and proposed a metal shake roof along with the addition of ridge venting.

The way the Metro Shake profile is stamped, air flows between the old asphalt shingles and the Metro shake, helping eliminate the threat of ice dams. The homeowners loved the look and were sold on the idea of never needing to chip away at ice on the roof again.

Selling point: A lifetime metal shingle and no more ice dams made a Metro Shake roof an easy decision. A variety of colors offered by Metro also qualify for the Federal Tax Credit.

Verdict: The homeowners made it through the first winter with no ice damming issues and are pleased with the look of the Metro Shake roof, as well as the installation by Lifetime Shingles. Stanek’s crew of four was able to install the roof — 26 squares — in just 6-1/2 hours.

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