Roof Hugger launches interactive website

In the past decade, Roof Hugger’s website has grown to be an information powerhouse for metal‐over‐metal retrofit roof systems. Everything a visitor would want to know about this dynamic metal construction market was there to find. However, because of adding so much information over the years, the website became difficult to navigate. Therefore as Roof Hugger, Inc. does on everything we do, we set out to improve our product and so work began early this year on a new website.

Roof HuggerNow complete, the totally redesigned is an easy‐to‐use resource for visitors to find exactly what they need within a few clicks of the mouse. The website has the customary horizontal toolbar, but additionally has a side menu specifically designed for Contractors, Architects and Building Owners. This feature provides shortcuts to the exact information each group is looking for. Other features on the home page include links for an “Online Quote Request”, “Gallery of Past Projects”, “Sign‐up for a Technical Webinar” and “Green Retrofit” for educating yourself on the energy efficient and renewable solar advantages of retrofit metal roof systems. There is also a link to submit your recent Roof Hugger projects for National Editorial Publication.

So, check out the all new and while you are there, sign‐up for a monthly E‐Newsletter and the next Webinar.

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