Roof Hugger receives new patent

Roof HuggerRoof Hugger, Inc. of Lutz, Fla., received Patent number 8024906 from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.  

Roof Hugger celebrated its 20th anniversary of providing factory-notched sub-purlins for retrofitting existing metal roofs.  Today, the Roof Hugger team is proud to say the “Hugger” has now been installed on over 60 million square feet of existing roofs. According to Dale Nelson, president of Roof Hugger, overall sales has grown in the recent down construction market by creative new product enhancements.



Roof Hugger

Roof Huggers’ latest patent is designed for existing standing seam metal roofs that were originally installed with high stand-off clips and thermal spacers.  This new sub-purlin system addresses the problem of the existing panels floating above the building purlins with special standoff fasteners.  In addition, the Huggers have a new and unique “anti-rotational arm”  to prevent “rolling” when the new metal roof reacts to thermal forces.  In some cases this part can also be incorporated to brace taller than normal Huggers when adding 6″ of insulation or more between the old and new metal roofs.

Roof HuggerMetal-over-metal retrofit is a niche in the overall retrofit construction market that most manufacturers and contractors have only just begun to tap into.  It is a growing market that can take full advantage of the numerous advancements in metal roofing finishes, insulation, energy recovery/generation systems and available panel profiles.  30 to 40 years ago most metal roofs being installed were largely through-fastened ribbed panels, in the early 1980’s standing seam metal roofing was gaining in market share.  Since then, standing seam roofs have come to the forefront as being specified more than thru-fastened systems.  In the past five years, the number of Huggers being installed over existing standing seam roofs has more than doubled as these first generation systems are now exceeding 30 years of service.  Roof Huggers can be manufactured for virtually any metal roof profile whether thru-fastened or standing seam.

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