Roof Hugger celebrates Eco-Fit brochure

Roof Hugger, Inc., published its new ECO-Fit Retrofit Re-Roofing brochure that explains next generation Integrated Metal Roof Systems using Roof Hugger’s patented notched sub-purlin sub-framing systems. 

Installing Roof Hugger’s sub-purlin systems over an existing metal roof creates an air-space between the old and new roofs.  This space provides an excellent opportunity for the roofing contractor to install various integrated energy efficient roofing technologies.  These include the addition of high performance insulation systems, convective Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV), Solar Heat Recovery (SHR) and Solar Water Heating (SWH) for space heating and process pre-heating.  The ASV application is a laboratory proven assembly that can decrease heat gain/loss through the building’s roof by as much as 45 percent if the new roof has a “cool” coating paint system.  The SHR and SWH are systems that provide the building owner with substantial solar-energy benefits for heating and/or cooling the building and its manufacturing processes.  Of course, solar photovoltaic technology is mentioned in the brochure since these systems can be installed on the topside of the new metal roof.  Collectively, these systems represent the future of retrofit metal re-roofing technology.

The brochure explains in layman terms, each assembly’s performance, dynamics or how they work as well as the overall tax benefits available through the IRS Section 179D tax code.

While these systems are principally used for retrofit re-roofing applications they can easily be adapted to new metal building construction by simply installing an economical metal sub-decking over the purlins.

Roof Hugger’s ECO-Fit systems are marketed through a strategic alliance with Dawn Solar Systems of Brentwood, N.H.  They are truly, Energy Efficient Re-Roofing Technologies that Turn an Expense into an Investment for the building owner.  For more information, visit Roof Hugger’s website at or call 800-771-1711.

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