Roof Hugger updates marketing literature

Roof Hugger, Inc., an industry leader in metal-over-sloped retrofit roof systems for nearly 20 years,  recently updated and improved its entire stable of marketing literature and technical standards.  Included is a new 72-page Design and Installation Guide that provides design professionals, metal manufacturers and contractors with a multitude of tools that address everything relating to re-roofing over existing sloped roofs.  The manual includes an introduction to energy efficient reroofing systems, Metal-over-Metal applications, and testing and approvals for compliance to building code requirements.  Detailed installation instructions and some 43 standard construction details are also included.  All of these are available for download from Roof Hugger’s website at

In addition, Roof Hugger is proud to announce the publication of a new 12-page promotional brochure (insert brochure front cover)that explains the technical side of reroofing to building owners.  This valuable tool can be used by design professionals and sales personnel when meeting with prospective customers.

To date, Roof Hugger has provided notched sub-purlins, called “Huggers,” for more than 50 million square feet of buildings throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and elsewhere.  Products are protected under U.S. Patent 5367848 as well as others that are patent pending.  Performance of products has gained approval by the American Society of Testing Material in accordance with E-1592 testing methods for structural performance.  In addition, they have tested the affects of installing “Huggers” over existing pre-engineered building purlins insofar as what increase in structural load carrying increase capacity can be realized.  According to the American Iron and Steel Institute base load testing protocol, installing a “Hugger” over an existing 8” X 16-gauge zee-shaped purlin spanning a 25’-0” bay, the purlin’s gravity load capacity is increased 79 percent and its wind uplift capacity by 94%.  It is important to note that a special “Hugger” with a one-inch web depth above the existing rib notch is necessary to satisfy these values.  What this means to a design professional is existing metal buildings that are subject to increased design snow loading and/or wind speed increases can use “Huggers” to assist in upgrading the existing roof system to comply with changes in Building Code design load requirements.  This is all accomplished without removal of the existing metal roofing.  Building Code wind speed requirements have increased over the years, especially in coastal hurricane areas.  Now, Roof Hugger has the certified and tested answer for reroofing projects needing to be upgraded.   While the “Huggers” have this enhancing affect on the building’s secondary roof framing system, they do not increase the primary supports (rigid frames).  An independent professional engineer can determine if primary support remedial work is required.  In addition to increasing existing purlin strength, Roof Hugger has for many years provided special framing assemblies to address the corner and edge zones of buildings where the negative wind uplift pressures are greater.  This is all dictated by the new metal roof system and its capability to withstand the required pressures, when needed Roof Hugger has designed integrated metal framing that uses sub-rafters and “Huggers to satisfy these roof zones.  The framing provides the ability to install new “Huggers” between existing building purlins to accommodate a less than 5’-0” panel clip/attachment spacing.  In dramatically higher wind zones, they also have special assemblies that use hat-shaped members and struts.  All Roof Hugger framing assemblies have been fully tested in accordance with ASTM E-1592 and have received Florida Product Approval.   These tests are available for download on Roof Hugger’s website.

For existing trapezoidal or vertical rib standing seam roofs that have thermal spacers and/or stand-off panel clips, Roof Hugger has also designed special patent pending sub-purlins that for the first time allow these roofs to be easily retrofitted.  A patent pending fastener enables the existing panel and “Hugger” to bear one-inch above the existing purlin’s top flange.  To prevent rotation in the new sub-purlin, the “Hugger” is factory produced with an Anti-rotational Arm that is fastened to the existing panel rib with a #17 AB fastener.
Roof Hugger, Inc. has been providing metal reroofing solutions to the metal construction industry for nearly two decades.  Their products are extensively tested, certified and proven by tens of millions of square feet of successful installations.  With new innovations, technology and additions to their product offer, their status of being the leader in Metal-over-Sloped retrofit reroof systems is forged in our industry.  For more information, please contact Roof Hugger at 1-800-771-1711 or visit

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