Product Profile: Sealants Dec. 2009

The Georgia-based company offers a full line of Ruscoe Sealants and GSSI?butyl tapes for use in the metal roofing and metal building industries.

Chem-Calk 1200-HT delivers excellent weatherability and an extreme temperature range of minus-62 to 500 degrees. The 100 percent silicone formulation offers easy gunning, superb tooling and tenacious adhesion to most construction and industrial materials. The high-performance sealant does not shrink and is permanently flexible. Chem-Calk 1200-HT is ideal for sealing everything from exhaust stacks, ductwork and flanged pipe joints to industrial ovens and boilers, and electrical and electronic equipment. Chem-Calk 1200-HT is available in 10.3-ounce gunnable cartridges, each capable of covering up to 100 linear feet with a 1/8-inch by-1/8-inch seal.

Chem Link
Chem Link’s pioneering polyether sealants/adhesives are solving old problems and bringing new capabilities to metal construction. Their superior performance combined with worker and environmental safety was not possible before the development of this advanced class of adhesives/sealants. DuraLink super adhesion sealant and NovaLink all-weather sealant exemplify polyether technology. Moisture cure non-shrinking polyethers bond to many materials. SWRI validated. Solvent- and VOC-free, they cannot harm health or the environment.

The new MixPac S-50 System is for two-component adhesive dispensing. When used with DTIC’s electric hand-held adhesive dispenser, it can accommodate both the standard MixPac System with volumetric ratios of 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 and also the new MixPac S50 System with an additional ratio of 3:2. When dispensing adhesives with DTIC’s battery operated 50mL gun and the MIXPAC S-50 System, end users obtain a higher flow rate and more power. In addition, the versatile gun has the capacity to dispense thicker materials safely and can dispense up to 50 ConProTec cartridges on a single charge, depending upon the material viscosity and application.

Dynamic Fastener
Sikaflex 201 is a Polyurethane sealant that cures to a durable elastic consistency with high cut-and-tear resistance and a 700 percent elongation for sealing moving joints. Drop-Stop brush-grade mastic is designed not to crack or become brittle over numerous freeze/thaw cycles, boasting 1,600 PSI tensile strength and 600 percent elongation capabilities. Butyl Tape is a grey colored butyl tape specifically developed for sealing standing seam roof and endlaps in the metal building industry.

EPDM Coatings
Liquid Rubber is the only liquid EPDM in the world, with a 25-year track record, manufactured of 100 percent ethylene propylene diene monomer. It’s nearly identical to sheet EPDM but with several distinct advantages. First, it is self-adhering and forms a 100 percent seamless membrane and will take temperatures from minus 40 to 300. It’s a one-coat application, no primers needed. It waterproofs immediately upon application and will take standing water 365 days a year. Liquid EPDM proved itself superior to acrylics, urethanes and other elastomers for up to three times longer.

ER Systems
ERSystems is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its flagship product HER, the first and only sealer for metal roofs that seals seams and fasteners without the use of fabric. HER is a flashing grade single component moisture-cure polyurethane roof coating. To celebrate, the company is introducing HER in 30-ounce sausage packs for general roof repair. The new package minimizes waste, loss and mess.

Eternabond offers a complete line of fully compatible products that create a permanent repair system for various surfaces, including many metal rooftops. Use EternaPrime when surfaces to be bonded are very dirty (oxidized and cannot be easily cleaned), or dusty. EternaPrime will prepare the surface by coalescing all loose particles into a solid platform for the Eternabond tape to adhere to. Also use EternaPrime if the installation temperature will be below 40 degrees. Brush-on EternaPrime is VOC exempt.

The Garland Company
All-Sil high-performance, low-odor sealant provides strong adhesion to virtually every common building material, from PVC and concrete to coated metals and glass. It performs especially well under dynamic conditions with no slump and is unaffected by sunlight, rain sleet, snow, UV, airborne contamination, ozone or temperature extremes.

Ideal Fasteners
Ideal offers several products for the sealing of metal seams and gaps for metal structures. CL-3 cross-linked polyethylene closure strips are sealing large gaps. Typically these proven strips are used under the ridge vent or at the base of the building. Ideal also stocks several sizes of butyl tape, a sticky tape used for seal seams of metal panels. The material does not dry out and is 100 percent solids with no solvents for years of worry-free seals. The latest addition to the line is Emseal AST acrylic tapes, used to seal joints and gaps. They are self-expanding and impregnated with an asphalt-infused material to inhibit drying out. They expand to match the void they fill, making them ideal for sealing at valley and hip conditions where ordinary closure strips fail.

The Mule-Hide product line includes single-ply membranes and accessories, plus a complete line of low-slope roofing maintenance and repair products, including Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings, Seal-Fast Tapes, and Asphalt Roof Coatings and Cements. Mule-Hide is an Energy Star partner, a member of the Cool Roof Rating Council, USGBC, RCMA and NRCA.

Precision Fasteners & Components
Precision distributes sealants formulated by the Ruscoe Company, sealants used on many roofing applications. Ruscoe Clear HV is one of the many sealants perfect for metal roofing as it dries crystal clear for all color match applications. The Nitrile Rubber sealant is one of the most-used by gutter contractors, with more than 30 years of proven performance. GSSI tape sealants provide proven leak-free performance in valleys, zee applications and any other place critical in metal roofing applications.

Ruscoe Company
This Ohio company manufactures and markets rubber-based adhesives, sealants, coatings, primers and tapes designed to accommodate a broad range of environmental, chemical and temperature conditions. These products work together on roof systems, gutters and gaskets to create a water-resistant, flexible bond for seams, cracks and gaps in all types of metal construction. For more than 40 years, contractors have used Ruscoe gutter sealants to eliminate callbacks and exceed the toughest sealing needs.

ImmerSeal is a pre-cured sealant designed to seal expansion areas in metal roofing applications including: expansion joints, roof to wall transitions, curb seals, pipe penetrations, stand seam repairs, hole repairs, and anywhere else a water-tight seal is needed. ImmerSeal is installed using a premium adhesive and thus requires no fasteners for installation, saving time, materials and cost. ImmerSeal is used in new construction and repair applications and is resistant to UV degradation and weathering.

Sealtite Fasteners
Sealtite distributes Schnee Morehead and Emseal sealant products. Those include Tacky Tape butyl sealant in rolls, used for metal roof end laps, side laps, vents, gutters and skylights. This material will not become brittle or crack. Urethane sealants in tubes are designed to seal horizontal construction joints subject to structural movement. Acrylic sealants in tubes are designed for exterior applications such as skylights or window frames. Both acrylics and urethanes are available in standard colors white, gray and bronze. Emseal is a self-expanding, open-cell foam that when compressed seals against moisture, vapor, air, dust and sound.

Sika Corporation
This Michigan company manufactures a complete line of pre-extruded butyl sealant tapes in rolls and pre-cut endlap pads. Multiple formulations all adhere to multiple substrates without pre-wipes and contain fungicides to prevent mildew and mold. Other products include a pumpable and gunnable non-skinning, non-drying, premium grade butyl caulk, as well as elastic bonding adhesives, specialty hot melt mastic and foamable sealants.

STS Coatings
GreatSeal is a polyether based single component sealant. It is 100 percent solids, no solvents and very low VOC. Because it has no solvents, it’s compatible and adheres to most surfaces without a primer. PF-150 is widely used in roofing, masonry, windows, doors, siding and concrete. It will not freeze and can be applied to damp surfaces. GreatSeal LT100 is specially designed to seal board-to-board joints such as gypsum sheathing, extruded polystrene, EPS, fiberboard and plywood for an airtight seal.

SB-1 Powerseal, a construction-grade  urethane sealant, is economical to use and guns with a smooth, even bead. Compare to NP-1 and see the difference on flashings, seams, coping, fasteners or sheet metal.

Topps Products
Polyprene, the high-performance roof and multi-purpose, multi-surface cement for anywhere a watertight seal is needed. Polyprene is the stronger, flexible, durable advanced thermoplastic rubber roof cement. Polyprene is the preferred watertight seal for flashings, exhaust fans, seams, skylights, vents, chimneys, sign supports, concrete slab cracks and expansion joints. Available in trowel grade, heavy brush grade and in-caulk tubes. Trowel Grade holds even on vertical surfaces, creating a custom rubber gasket anywhere with 400 percent elongation.

Triangle Fastener
TFC100 and TFC116 polyuratane sealants are specially formulated for use in metal roof and wall panels. They adhere well to PVDF and other finishes as well as provides excellent weatherability. TFC100 and TFC116 are available in six colors. TFC Buytl Tape-Seal is a high-performance butyl for use with metal roof and wall panels to seal out moisture. It adheres to most clean and dry meal surfaces and does not harden, bleed or stain. With pressure, it fills minor irregularities in the surface and seals the joint.


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