SnoBlox-Snojax announces release of the SS Ventsaver for standing seam roofs

The SS Ventsaver, from SnoBlox-Snojax, is an adjustable-fit mounting plate that secures to the seams of standing seam roofs with four non-penetrating RCT seam roof clamps. It allows the use of all Ventsaver models to be used on standing seam panels without penetrating the metal.

The Ventsaver devices protect vent pipes and chimney pipes from damage due to sliding snow and ice. The SS Ventsaver utilizes a custom fit Ice Ramp to protect the base of the pipe. The fin of the Ventsaver (purchased separately) protects the upper portions of the pipe.

The all-aluminum SS Ventsaver kit is manufactured in the USA and uses stainless steel set screws and fasteners.

Snoblox Vent Saver

The SS VentSaver Kit is available in two sizes:

  • Model 12-16 fits seams 12” to 16” wide. This is the best option if your seams are 16” or less in width in order to avoid excessive overhang.
  • Model 12-24 fits all seams from 12” to 24” wide. This universal fit bracket is best used with seams wider than 16”, but has the ability to span across two 12” wide seams if needed. This is the best option for contractors that need a universal fit device in stock.

“The Ventsaver products have been one of our most popular products for the past few years,” said a company spokesman. “Now the new adjustable SS Ventsaver plates allow our Standing Seam customers to use any of the 3 Ventsaver models without having to penetrate the panels.”

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