New Product: Sno Barricade from Sno Gem

Sno BarricadeThe holding power of the Sno Barricade Clamp-On Snow Guard System  from Sno Gem comes from the innovative Gem Clamp – an engineered functional form. Its unique design creates an efficient, snow-stopping profile.

Easy to install, it is designed for new or existing standing seam metal roof systems and fits all standard and most custom profiles. Inside the Gem Clamp is a patent-pending button crimper. It grips tight, yet there is no penetration of the roofing material and it maintains the manufacturer’s warranty.

Both major components of the Gem Clamp and the Barricade Plate are available in any standard or custom pre-finished color, as well as the real copper finish. There are no raw edges or unfinished surfaces to disrupt the aesthetics of the roofline. Sno Gem representatives will work with you to design the most efficient system for your specific needs.

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