So easy a homeowner could do it

This project is exactly why you should not be afraid of manipulating metal panels to do what you want them to do.

You know all metal roofing installations present a challenge, no matter how basic.

CS-New Tech4.jpgAt the opposite end of the difficulty spectrum is a Colorado residential roof on a building in the shape of an S. Take a second to think about that — installing standing seam panels on an S-shaped roof. The panels are flat, but the seams are curved as they go up the roof deck.

Now, would you consider taking on the job?

U.S. Metals, LLC, of Denver designed and manufactured the standing seam roofing panels for the roof, varying in lengths up to 15 feet. Some panels were going to have to be wider on top than at the bottom and some wider at the bottom than on top.

“It was a puzzle,” says Eliot Boyle, owner of U.S. Metals. “Designing it — probably took us 3-4 days.”

CS-New Tech2.jpgBoyle says U.S. Metals is well known for producing and installing tapered and curved roofing, but admitted this was a unique project. First of all, there were special considerations to account for expansion and contraction. “Each panel was pushing and shoving against each other,” he says. “It was pretty tricky stuff, but so far, they’re working together.”

One of the bigger challenges was designing and installing a ridge cap that was effective, but that’s worked out as well.

Boyle reports the homeowner says there are no leaks and that’s two years after the installation. The kicker about the installation — the homeowner installed the roofing himself! He built the home and wanted to install the roof, according to Boyle. “So we talked him through the process of installing it, helped him with any problems he had, but that’s the kind of guy he is,” he says.

CS-New Tech3.jpgThe homeowner wanted a unique look and got it to work.

Boyle says U.S. Metals gets the opportunity to take on these types of challenging products on a frequent basis in Colorado — he says people are always looking for something different. U.S. Metals is there to help.

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